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ElevatHer – A networking platform connecting women in finance and fintech


ElevatHer have officially launched the first of its kind networking tool for women in finance and fintech.

The app is designed to be a hub where members can regroup and reinvest in themselves at all stages of their career. It gives women both the edge through the power of networking and the tools for staying ahead of the curve by keeping up to date with the latest industry events.

ElevatHer App

Sheena Shah, the founder of ElevatHer, commented:

“The inspiration behind ElevatHer is to create a community where it is easy to share knowledge, skills and experiences; in a heavily male dominated industry it’s a breath of fresh air to connect and have another woman’s perspective. Whilst navigating up the career ladder has its own challenges, this app introduces an untapped support system waiting to be used.”

LATTICE80 in collaboration with Miss Kaya presents the 2019 complete list of top 100 Women in Fintech you need to know and follow around the world. Key Highlights from the list:

  • The 5 cities which saw the most number of female Fintech leaders in our list this year was: London (17), Hong Kong (12), New York (10), Singapore (8), and San Francisco (8)
  • 44 women hold key management positions in Fintech and Blockchain startups; 26spearhead efforts in enablers such as accelerators, government agencies, support communities, or research institutes; 20 are from corporates; and 10 are Fintech or Blockchain focused investors
  • Also, 34 women on our list last year are on our list again for 2019
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By showcasing and highlighting these ladies and their achievements, we also hope to inspire more women to increase their participation in building the global Fintech community into a more vibrant one.

For more information on ElevatHer, visit

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