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InnoDT Fight Against Rampant Fraud in the Blockchain

InnoDT is determined to defend the blockchain community against illegal activities by creating the ultimate tools for early detection and prevention of crypto crimes.

As cryptocurrency makes wide strides toward wide adoption (venture capital investments in crypto-related companies went up by 280 percent from last year), the crypto market is accompanied by rampant fraud and liability risks. The FTC estimated that consumers will lose $3 Billion USD to various types of crypto scam by the end of 2018.

InnoDT is an enterprise solution company that builds real-time transaction study software to analyze crypto transactions and associate digital identities across various blockchains. By enabling visibility into transaction patterns through their patented technology, InnoDT helps regulators, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency exchanges analyze and detect illegal digital activities such as crypto fraud, unauthorized transactions, and money laundering.

“Our applications communicate through an API or WebSocket for our customers to allow developers to create study layers to map and trace transaction behaviors,” said David Zhao, Co-Founder of InnoDT, “The alerts and notifications are real-time tracking to detect any micro-behaviors and irregularities by profiles of digital identities.”

InnoDT offers various solutions to address customers’ multidimensional needs. One of InnoDT’s signature products is DAB, a powerful transaction analysis tool that can track and verify funding sources. It is equipped with the advanced capabilities from researching transactions, monitoring systems, verifying digital identities, to uncovering hacker digital trails.

Another example of InnoDT’s products is It is a reputation management system that helps merchant reduce regulatory and compliance risk by providing strong anti-fraud and anti-money laundering measures.

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As the blockchain industry has entered a critical era of major disruption and transformation, InnoDT is the ultimate solution to instill enterprise customers and institutional regulators with confidence in digital transactions to push towards wide adoption.

Oliver Smith


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