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Innovative? Nubank engineering director says fintech does not work on deadlines

Already signed and recognized on Brazilian soil, Nubank is a fintech that fell in the popular taste and does not stop to present novelties. After finally launching its points program, it has even improved it in some areas , offering more advantages for those who use Cabify , Uber and iFood.

Now, Marcelo Toledo – engineering director of the company – has used his personal Facebook to comment a little on the processes that help in the differentials of the company. By sharing a video that shows how time is important in product development, he says that at Nubank there are simply no deadlines.

For him, this is important in that deadlines make people think automatically about … deadlines, often leaving the quality and necessary attention aside for the simple fact that there is a deadline for something to be delivered.

According to him, there was an episode in fintech in which an important employee left, and then an urgent appeal was impaired. Even working without deadlines, the team moved and was able to complete the project. For him, it is part of the culture and a cadre of competent collaborators to be able to work with this dynamic a little more flexible.

 Establishing deadlines brings a lot of internal and external pressure, this in itself creates a very tense environment for all and the consequence of this are conflicts and a culture of finding guilty when something wrong happens (and it will happen).

All these factors lead to an urgent delivery, without any quality, after all the most important was the deadline. All variables play against and when something is put on the air, problems arise, then you look guilty and the sick product development cycle takes over that environment. “

Oliver Smith


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