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Private investment group of fintech experts acquired Dealstruck

Innovative online business-lending marketplace (which has been featured in CNBC, The New York Times, Forbes and many other publications) has reorganized. A private investment group of fintech experts acquired the company. “This acquisition represents a significant strategic opportunity for our client base,” said CEO Anthony Porrata.

Dealstruck is a leader in the alternative lending space. The company provides small and medium-sized business owners with seamless access to capital. Advances in technology make the process quick and efficient with minimal paperwork.

During the restructuring process, the company paused providing loans.

“Recently, many people have asked, ‘What happened to Dealstruck?’ There were rumors that Dealstruck shut down but that was not true,” noted Porrata. “We’re happy to announce the Dealstruck news that a group of private investors has created a new ownership coalition that is leading a bold evolution for the company.” The new investment group combines a portfolio of existing small business capital providers with the highest technological advances in the field of online business loans.

Company leaders expect the change will help small businesses immensely.

“Clients will see quicker approval turnarounds and a more streamlined process,” said Porrata. “This will also help clients who would not otherwise have equal access to growth opportunities.”

Vice President Chris Jones expects small business owners will be excited about the Dealstruck news.

“This restructuring will allow us to approve more clients than ever before,” he smiled. “I’m looking forward to joining many new business ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Nothing gives us more pride than a grand opening.”

The reorganization allows it to expand its mission while maintaining the personalized service that makes it so well known. The new management team has access to more capital and creative financing terms for Dealstruck clients.

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