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Solovis signed agreement with Refinitiv

Solovis, a multi-asset class portfolio management, analytics and reporting platform for limited partners, asset owners, and allocators, today announced it has signed a strategic agreement with Refinitiv, formerly the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters, to integrate and distribute financial data via the Solovis platform. This collaboration will enable Solovis to become a direct data provider to its clients – streamlining client workflows, accelerating data delivery and simplifying the user experience.

Solovis has quickly emerged as an innovator in fintech, with a unique focus on the large-scale institutional investment management needs of endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs and family offices. This partnership with Refinitiv is the latest move in its product expansion strategy.

The agreement with Refinitiv will enable Solovis to create its own security master, allowing direct distribution of financial data via the Solovis platform. Solovis clients will benefit from faster access to pricing information, benchmarks and fundamentals – which will provide added assurance that portfolio information is up to date and serve as a check on other service and data providers.

“This partnership with Solovis further reinforces the commitment that Refinitiv has to openness and driving connections with the global ecosystem,” said Paul Metcalfe, Head of Go-to-Market Partners at Refinitiv. “As we see a future of driving intense innovation in financial markets, we are excited to work with partners like Solovis to the benefit of our customers.”

“Refinitiv is a leader in the financial industry, and we are excited about the value our joint partnership will deliver,” said Josh Smith, CEO and co-founder of Solovis. “Limited partners and asset allocators need access to vast amounts of data across all asset types on a daily basis. Our vision is to make data collection, aggregation, analysis and reporting as seamless as possible. The partnership with Refinitiv will enable us to become a direct data provider – giving our clients easier access to the financial data they need for analysis. Solovis is enabling our clients to make smarter, more strategic investment decisions with less hassle.”

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