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TokenPlus Launches Leading Arbitrage Trading Platform

BitPhare, a fintech company specializing in blockchain technology and digital asset management, has launched TokenPlus, a leading cross-exchange automated arbitrage mechanism designed for the cryptocurrency market.

TokenPlus features 24/7 automated hedging functionality to help investors capitalize on getting the best rate for their tokens.

Other features include:

–     Superior Execution and Ease of Use:

  • Provides over 60% annualized rate of return, surpassing industry average
  • Any level investor can easily utilize the platform without any prior arbitrage experience, and quickly benefit from an online set-up and subsequent login process
  • Upon registration, a free server is allocated to each user

–     Comprehensive Full-service Offering:

  • With support from nearly 20 top global exchanges and 500+ cryptocurrencies, users can choose from either bilateral and triangular strategies providing the most optimal level for success
  • Available in Chinese, English and Korean

–     Market Monitoring and Strategic Advisory:

  • Monitors the markets and executes transactions, automatically
  • Provides multiple charts showing statistical analysis of market monitoring and profitability
  • Offers strategy recommendations and analysis of its progress to help users find opportunities and make appropriate decisions

–     Risk Control and Security:

  • Integrates a set of risk-control strategies within the system to mitigate potential transactional issues in the event of any errors on the exchange side
  • Partners with Jon Wick Security Lab to ensure a reliable user experience

Cipher Tang, CEO of BitPhare, said,

“After seeing unprecedented growth and success of our TokenPlus platform on a local scale, we are excited to expand our product offering on a broader level and allow users to benefit from our arbitrage service to grow their digital assets with ease.”

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