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Web Summit 2018 Guide

For four days, from November 5 to 8, Lisbon becomes the capital of the geek world. More than 70,000 people are expected to see and hear new technological trends and discuss the future. Not to be missed in this mega event, with more than 1200 speakers, we have prepared a guide with what you can not miss.

The new technologies, the trends, the investment and the return of Sophia. Of the numerous debates, we have chosen some that promise to be the most interesting in this year’s edition of the Web Summit

In the age of robots
It was the main attraction of last year’s edition, and its intervention was the one that generated the most news around the world. After the Web Summit, she ran the planet, being the main guest at various conferences and even talk shows. Sophia returns with her intelligence more “additive” and in the company of a friend. This is the Han robot, developed by SingularityNET. With them on stage will be Ben Goertzel, chief scientist at Hanson Robotics and founder of SingularityNET
Day 7 / 14h / Main Stage

The new startups
Every morning and at lunchtime, we will have on stage the founders and presidents of the startups that will have to speak during the next year, the so-called breakout startups. Each one will explain your business and how you are getting the attention of business angels. The choice was made by “a long list” of some of the biggest investors in the technology sector. This is traditionally one of the events that attracts more participants to the main stage of the Altice Arena
Day 6, 7, 8 / 8h50 / 13H30 / Main Stage

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“Follow the money”
On the same stage, we will have three of the biggest venture capital invests in startups, Tom Stafford of DST Global, Trae Vassallo of, and Juliet of Baubigny of Kleiner Perkins. They will tell us where they will apply their money next year. Of course they will not reveal everything, because the secret is the soul of the business. However, it may be the ideal panel for entrepreneurs and investors to realize the great trends of the future of new technologies. To not lose
Day 7 / 15h10 / Main Stage

Technology and democracy
In the world in which social networks have an increasing impact on the election of rulers, the Web Summit launches a series of debates on this topic. There will be many panels that will address the issue from various angles, from the manipulation of public opinion to the greater concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer people
Day 6 / 11:45 AM / Forum

Technological financiers promise to make the banking system obsolete. Learn how this change will be made

The financial unicorns
In recent years, thousands of financial startups have gone bankrupt. However, despite this highly competitive market, there are 25 Fintech unicorns around the world. In this panel we can hear how three leaders of these startups, Revolut, Kabbage Inc. and Oscar Health, have managed to transform themselves into statistical rarities
Day 7/14h15 MoneyConf

Platform or death
The technology is putting the Banker closer, more accessible and cheaper for consumers. Digital platforms are already a reality with increasing success. Are the traditional banks to follow this revolution? To discuss the theme, the organization brought together representatives of the “old” and the “new” Banking
Day 7 / 12h05 MoneyConf

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Cash in cash
If you are attentive to financial technology and want to know the trends for 2019, then this panel is for you. In the first half of this year, Fintech managed to raise more than € 40 billion of investment, out of a total of 381 businesses. Will they reach 100 billion in 2019?
Day 7/1345 MoneyConf

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be one of the topics featured in this year’s edition

Artificial intelligence
Although it seems something from a distant future, Artificial Intelligence is already a reality present in our day to day. It is not only changing but also creating our future. What will be its impact on the global economy. How can people, businesses and countries prepare for this change?
Day 6 / 11h / Forum Rostra

The platform that follows
The theme of great innovations and future trends in the technological world is one of the debates that promises most during this edition. To discuss the theme, we will have the creators of two of the planet’s biggest digital platforms on the main stage: Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, and Tinder founder Sean Rad
Day 7/11: 10h / Main Stage

The network and security
The growth of IOT brings serious security problems, because the more devices we have connected to the Internet the greater the risks we run. The world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, now an avast security ambassador, will explain the best ways to keep hackers away from smart homes
Day 7 / 14h10 /

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