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Where startup dreams come true – Seoul Startup Hub

With an aim to nurture startups and create an environment where startups can thrive, Seoul Metropolitan Government established Seoul Startup Hub in 2017.

It’s designed as a place where investors, conglomerates, startups and consumers can interact and build networks.

Seoul Startup Hub has since become a platform to help Koreans make their dreams of launching startups come true — from planning to implementing their ideas — as it provides professional consulting, lectures and programs to help startup aspirants.

Located near Gongdeok Station, Seoul Startup Hub’s 10-story main building hosts some 440 teams of startups — 300 teams preparing to set up startups, 100 teams in the initial stages of running startups and 40 teams trying to grow startups.

The main building is equipped with an auditorium, seminar rooms of different sizes, a kitchen incubator, coworking space, a support center for businesses and other facilities, such as a cafe, a convenience store and a rooftop garden.


Its annex building hosts a room for global accelerators on the first floor and Fintech Center Korea on the second floor. It has several seminar rooms where startup aspirants can receive consulting and take courses on how to start and run a startup.

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Jung Min-seo


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