Monday, November 29, 2021

Faced with the failure of his strategy, Emmanuel Macron declares second lockdown – The graduated response has been abandoned, as France approaches the peak of spring. The executive wants to believe that this second lockdown will not be like the first.


“It is not enough, it is no longer enough.  Emmanuel Macron believed he had found the recipe to allow French society to ” live with “ the Covid-19 without resorting to confinement, this ” crude “ method which, according to him, carries a hint of the Middle Ages.

Its strategy of graduated, territorialized response has been criticized by its opponents for its illegible character; the Covid-19 epidemic threw her to the ground like a house of cards. At the end of October, France is on the way to regaining the peak that was reached in the spring during the first wave.

In the closed session of the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, October 28, the Head of State revealed to his government this spectacular figure: one million people are now instantaneous carriers of SARS-CoV-2. A progression “that even the most pessimistic forecasts had not anticipated” , he believes.

Give “a sudden brake on contamination”

From now on, more than 3,000 patients occupy the intensive care units of hospitals. The triple is expected in mid-November. This wave which “submerges” Europe “will undoubtedly be harder and more deadly than the first” – which had caused more than 30,000 deaths in France -, warned Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday evening, during a televised address, before adding: “If today we do not put the brakes on contaminations brutally, doctors will have to choose, here between a patient with Covid and a person who is the victim of a road accident, there between two patients of the Covid. “ It therefore appears necessary to ” find from Friday the confinement which stopped the virus “, declared the head of state, who seemed to announce to the French the return of an old acquaintance.

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