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TradeWinds Financials Launch Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

TradeWinds Financials has announced the company is partnering with Foster Estate Planning to launch a new cryptocurrency investment fund. This will provide investors the opportunity to move against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets without incurring the frictional costs of converting their holdings into fiat.

“We are happy to announce this recent partnership, which will help more people invest like the wealthy do,” says Grigori Moyen, COO and investment manager at TradeWinds Financials. “Online trading is a coveted investment asset that has been used by high net worth individuals for decades. As a result of this partnership, now more people will be able to invest through our retail investment plans.”

The company’s website offers a brief overview of how it works. Interested investors can transfer Ethereum or Bitcoin to purchase the investment plan. TradeWinds invest in real estate assets through their work with top advisers and legal firms. Investment diversity is important so TradeWinds utilizes partnerships with expert traders and miners to diversify investors funds into heavy-capital projects. Investors with TradeWinds will see stability and security through an asset-backed investment.

TradeWinds Financials employs a global multi-strategy investment approach, engaging in a broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of crypto experts. The company has already received praise for their work. Jacob E, an investment banker, writes, “Just received my returns and the experience was great. The process was simple and the payment was timely.”

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