Friday, January 21, 2022

Third Stimulus Check: Filing taxes with COVID-19 stimulus checks

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – According to H&R Block in Marquette, COVID-19 stimulus checks do not need to be included when filing your taxes. G.G. Gordon, A Senior Tax Analyst from the firm, says you do not even need to tell them that you received a stimulus check.

And the IRS says filing your taxes for 2020 may help you receive a missed stimulus payment.

This goes for those who did not receive one or both payments and think they should have, and those who’s status changed last year from the year before.

G.G. Gordon explains the importance of completing a tax return if you were expecting a check and did not get one.

“This means that there are probably a lot of people who are otherwise not required to file a tax return, but if they want to get one or the other stimulus or both, if they were missed, then they’re gonna have to file a tax return in order to accomplish that,” says Gordon.

Gordon adds that H&R Block is offering some new ways to file taxes this year. She says they are accepting tax documents as drop offs, and electronically. The firm will also complete tax filing appointments over the phone or on video conference.

For other changes to filing taxes this year, visit the IRS website.

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Third Stimulus Check: Filing taxes with COVID-19 stimulus checks

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