Saturday, September 18, 2021

Robinhood crypto trading is opening a waiting list in the U.K. ahead of a full launch planned for next year.
Source: CNBC

The commission-free cryptocurrency trading platform, Robinhood is planning to set up shop in the United Kingdom. The intention was communicated via a blog post on November 19. The decision happens to come after the platform hit a $7.6 billion valuation. Moreover, Robinhood recently concluded another round of fundraising that saw it raise $323 million.

The blogpost and communication via Twitter did not specify the exact date for the launch. However, the platform was granted a UK broker license in August. Robinhood has been ‘silently’ recruiting staff for the London office since January. Another report  said that Robinhood had employed Wander Rutgers from TransferWise and Plum to head the UK brunch.

Robinhood is bringing its zero-fee stock trading app to the UK



Robinhood crypto, said:

Open Account, Get Free Stock

We’ll add 1 share of free stock to your account when your brokerage application is approved. You’ll be able to keep the stock or sell it after 2 trading days.

How does Robinhood choose which stock I get?

The shares of free stock are chosen randomly from our inventory of settled shares. Because the shares are chosen randomly, you may not receive the same stock as others.

The value of the share you receive may be anywhere between $2.50 and $200, and fluctuates based on market movements. We choose companies based on the price of each share, from the most popular and highest total value (market capitalization) companies on Robinhood.

Can I open a second Robinhood account to get a free stock?

No, each person is only allowed one Robinhood account.

It didn’t work for me?

If you signed up after tapping on the free stock link but didn’t receive a stock, please contact [email protected].


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