Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Paypal Stock – 100 years old, life savings gone. Thanks to scammers

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) – The Hoshino family’s story, one of triumph over adversity, has a new sad and tragic chapter,

Family matriarch Mitsuye Hoshino was born in the U-S, but sent to Japan at an early age and raised there. Returning shortly before the war she soon found herself–like other Japanese Americans– sent to an internment camp.

She emerged from that experience with literally nothing and with her new husband set about rebuilding a life and raising a family through perseverance and hard work.

Now 100 years old, suffering from dementia and living in a Carson City care facility,she was, until recently, supported by her life savings, the result of all those years of working and saving.

Her oldest son, Henry, a retired, disabled and decorated Army vet, exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, has been her primary caregiver.

Last month he received an email containing a $500 bill from PayPal. He responded saying he didn’t even have a PayPal account. That brought a reply from a person who identified himself as a PayPal representative. He said he was investigating hackers and needed Henry’s help.

Getting Henry’s debt card information he said he had to make a series of dummy transactions to keep the thieves from his account. Using that information over a period of five days the supposedly phony transactions drained both his and her accounts.

He was cautioned not to tell anyone, not to turn on his computer, not to talk with the bank. When they called, questioning the transactions, he was told not to trust them. Through it all he was told no money would actually come out of his and his mother’s accounts, any apparent loss would be covered. They even sent images of authentic appearing U-S Treasury checks, the last for $112-thousand dollars, checks he was told was on their way, but would never receive.

Late in the process, he was contacted by someone posing as a Carson City Sheriff’s deputy cautioning him to cooperate or face consequences, possibly prosecution for money laundering. When he asked for proof the man hung up.

The end result: a $150-thousand dollar loss.

Henry Hoshino, vows he will provide for his mother somehow, but he is angry with himself and the scammers, but determined to warn others to beware.

“I want to let everyone know not to end up in a situation like I got inti.

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Paypal Stock – 100 years old, life savings gone. Thanks to scammers

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