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Fintech meets Techfin – The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

Nummo, a personal financial management platform that empowers people to live better by helping them manage, maintain and improve their financial health, today announced its co-founder and CEO, Roi Y. Tavor, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming “Fintech meets Techfin – The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019″ in Las Vegas, Nevada. The panel is to be moderated by Siri Srinivas, Associate at Draper Associates, and includes Tim Hong, Chief Product Officer, Head of Growth at MoneyLion, and Jason Mars, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Clinc.

The conference will examine the role of money today – everything from the impact of AI, AR, and VR on financial technology, to robo advisors, to borderless eCommerce, biometrics and authentication systems, to the rise and current state of crypto currencies, and the blockchain economy.

More information on each panel can be found at:

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