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Jetson Announces Launch of AI Voice-First Mobile Application

NEW YORK–Jetson announced the release of its intelligent, voice-commerce ordering app, Jetson Voice Assistant, now available for consumers to download on the App Store. The “voice first” ordering solution enables customers to order from restaurants conversationally, compared to using a screen.

Consumers are able to shop, order, and transact on the app, using voice. The payment process is frictionless for the customers, as they securely make purchases using Jetson Pay. Additionally, Jetson is offering $1 delivery to users ordering within the Lower Manhattan zip code, 10004. Consumers who wish to bring Jetson to their area are asked to sign up for the waitlist on

Jetson makes implementing voice ordering simple for businesses by including a dashboard that requires no coding. Menu items are added and a natural voice dialog is intelligently created within minutes. Furthermore, customers’ preferences are saved for future suggestions and analytics are provided to the restaurant.

“As a busy startup founder, I constantly found myself ordering from food delivery apps in order to save time between meetings and tight deadlines but this need led to astronomical food costs and eventually increased time spent in these apps searching for dishes and restaurants. With Jetson, we’re solving this problem with our $1 food deliveries, convenient voice search, and ordering platform, powered by AI,” said Peter Peng, CEO.

Voice commerce is expected to reach an estimated $40 billion in revenue by 2022 in the US (OC&C Strategy Consultants) and Jetson is preparing businesses of all levels to adopt AI into their operations. Voice first ordering is 3x faster than when customers use screen interfaces (Stanford University, 2016) and Jetson aims to help consumers save time while helping businesses save money.

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About Jetson

Jetson enables customers to place orders by simply speaking across multiple platforms, such as, mobile, web, smart speakers/IoT devices. With the AI-based voice commerce platform, businesses of all sizes can offer their customers a convenient buying experience enabling them to sell more, faster.

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