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MovieCoin – The Fintech Platform for the Entertainment Industry

SEOUL, South Korea–MovieCoin Entertainment serves as a production supervisor and financing manager on behalf of the Company’s content financing entity, MovieCoin Capital. MovieCoin Entertainment is staffed with seasoned Hollywood media executives primarily to originate and qualify commercial, theatrical feature film financing and investment, and also to identify attractive non-film content acquisitions or investments such as television or other entertainment assets. MovieCoin Capital has been formed as an organizing entity to facilitate all film and television content investment through discrete financing vehicles managed by MovieCoin Capital, and originated and qualified by MovieCoin Entertainment through a producer services agreement. The Company intends to execute programmatic financing of multiple film and television projects. Film and television content is to be produced, financed and managed throughout its lifecycle with the issuance of cryptographic tokens (described below). Financing of content acquisitions is to be completed through a combination of co-financings with third parties, private securities transactions structured as security token sales and/or credit facilities to be established with banks or other institutional lenders. MovieCoin Services has been formed to direct the benefits associated with the MovieCoin platform and MovieCoin Tokens to active participants in the entertainment business (e.g., talent or production companies and various service providers) and consumers who seek to engage and participate in entertainment in new ways offered through the Company’s platform capabilities. Financing of the build out of the services platform is to be executed through the issuance of MovieCoin Tokens that business clients can use to access trade finance and the MovieCoin platform, and consumer clients can use to purchase movie tickets or other entertainment offerings.

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