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Ford Stock – Fish Fry’s at Ford River Pub

FORD RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) – The U.P.’s popular “Friday fish fry” is available at most restaurants year-round, but during lent, it becomes a more popular meal. The Ford River Pub offers perch, walleye, cod and jumbo shrimp – all of which are fried with a light breading.

The restaurant has every other table closed off to keep people distanced while they eat. When not sitting at a table, you’re asked to wear a mask. There are several signs around the restaurant to remind customers. But owner Kim Lund says she’s just happy to be back.

“It’s nice to be back open, it’s nice to see people. People are so happy to see each other and get out and do things,” said Kim Lund, owner of Ford River Pub.

In addition to the traditional fish fry, Ford River Pub’s salad bar is open. To keep it sanitary, it’s not a traditional serve yourself salad bar.

“There’s a girl behind there and she serves your food out. She has gloves on and a mask and use it as much precaution as possible,” said Lund.

To accommodate people’s busy schedules and the Lenten season, Ford River Pub’s fish fry isn’t just on Friday.

“Some people have to work, can’t get here, I don’t have a babysitter, whatever. They can come on Saturday night they can still have a fish fry and they can also get the prime rib to and the barbecued ribs,” said Lund.

Lund is thankful for her community that continues to support her restaurant.

“We really appreciate our customers, there are livelihood and they make this place go,” said Lund.

Ford River Pub is open from three until nine Wednesday through Sunday. As warmer temperatures approach, Lund hopes to buy some more picnic tables to offer more outdoor seating.

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Ford Stock – Fish Fry’s at Ford River Pub

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