Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Fidelity and BMO

There were some previous discussions here about Shirley Anthony’s March 18th, 2021 presentation for the Mines & Money Pitch Battle.

I just watched it again, and one thing in particular that really stood out to me was the reminder of Fidelity buying 18.2 million shares of MGM at 0.38 in the open market – this to me speaks volumes about the continued growth of institutional support for our stock.

And let’s not forget about BMO’s support for our stock – buying 27.8 million shares of MGM at 0.36 through the $10 million bought deal financing, which closed on December 30th, 2020.

While I’m not happy that MGM currently sits at only 0.265, it gives me piece of mind that BMO and Fidelity were willing to pay 0.36 and 0.38 respectively, for their shares of MGM.

Nothing fundamentally has changed here folks. Maple Gold Mines is a monster in the making and MGM will become a multi-dollar stock.


MGM Stock – Maple Gold Mines Ltd | V.MGM Stock Message Board & Forum

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