Friday, January 28, 2022

Tesla Stock – YouTuber traveling the U.S. in his Tesla visits Casper

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Reid Kenney is a former Tesla employee, and he cashed out his Tesla stock to explore the United States. He’s traveling around the country because he believes it’s important for people to see more of the country.

He’s living out of his Tesla with all of his belongings packed inside. He’s even got a fridge and a place to sleep in the car.

“Having everything with me kind of living a more minimalist lifestyle and not having to worry about if I’m going somewhere, and I’m trying to shoot something for a video or like make some music. I’ve got all of that with me at all times, which is freeing,” said Kenney.

He’s documenting his journey on his YouTube Channel Electric Road Trip Hacks, or E.R.T.H. His goal is to find interesting things in nature and meet new people along his way to inspire his music.

In Casper, he’s set his sights on visiting Alcova Reservoir and Hell’s Half Acre, but that’s not the only reason he’s visiting. “Things are open here, which I’m not used to,” said Kenney. “I want to check out some bars and restaurants in town. Hopefully, meet some locals where it’s a little less, kind of, strict on restrictions.”

Kenney said he’s already done a whole lap around the country, but he wants to see more of “the middle of the country.” He plans to check out Medicine Bow National Forest and Jackson while he’s in Wyoming, too.

To check out Kenney’s YouTube channel, visit here.

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James Albert

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