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Zillow – How colors in your home can increase or decrease value

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – The right colors in certain rooms of your home could make or break a potential bid.

Zillow has released its Paint Color Analysis. It surveyed 1,300 recent and prospective home buyers. People were shown photos of rooms in homes.

They were asked how interested they’d be in touring that home, if their likelihood of buying it, and what price they were willing to put down.

Here’s what people said:

Go light blue in the bathroom.

People were willing to pay 1.6% more if the bathroom was light blue.

Some good alternatives: Gray, light yellow, and off-white. All of these colors increased someone’s likelihood of touring a home or offering a higher price.

Stick to neutrals in the kitchen and living room.

The top kitchen color is white, and the top living room color is gray.

Some good alternatives: Light yellow, dark red, or dark green in the kitchen. These increased buyer interest.

Light green and light yellow in the living room. Light green increased the offer price.

Paint your bedroom dark blue.

People were willing to offer a higher price when the bedroom wad dark blue.

Some good alternatives: Dark or light neutrals are ideal for a space meant for relaxation.

Zillow says avoid bright yellows, greens, and reds for all rooms.

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Zillow – How colors in your home can increase or decrease value

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