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Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Usage and Revenue Statistics (2020)

Uber Eats was recognized as one of a number of experimental solutions trialled within 2014, as then CEO Travis Kalanick attempted to broaden Uber’s range to add fresh types of commuter routes, making use of the business’s ride sharing wedge.

As opposed to UberEssentials and UberRush, 2 of yor other hand piloted providers, Uber Eats made it to be a multi billion dollar enterprise.

Initially, Uber Eats (or uberFRESH as it had been known) shipped a fixed priced selection to individuals inside a tiny Santa Monica, California examination region. The system quickly broadened to add in West Hollywood and beverly Hills, as well as regional eateries had been invited to sign up for.


Rather than creating an interesting community of shipping and delivery riders like the majority of eating places shipping and delivery expertise, Uber used the substantial network of its of taxicabs throughout the original launch phase in a lot of urban areas. It has furnished Uber with sufficient source to grow rapidly of lands with domestic or established shipping and delivery products, like the UK, Australia and Japan.

Don’t assume all launch continues to be successful however. Uber has finished Eats involvement within several nations because of major tournament. It finished system within South Korea within 2019 & offered its Indian department to Zomato a bit earlier this season. Inside May, it announced blueprints to conclude functions within Czech Republic, Honduras, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine, Uruguay and saudi Arabia.

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Discover a lot of Uber is effective with Yandex found Russian federation and also has not launched around China, perhaps as a result of the competitors provided by Alibaba’s as well as Meituan Dianping.

It’s likewise had difficulty cementing spot that is very first within the house industry of its. During the beginning yrs, Uber Eats played next mess to Grubhub, but DoorDash surpassed both within 2019 to be the top food items shipping and delivery app. Based on Second Measure, DoorDash was to blame for forty five % of supper shipping and delivery product sales within June 2020, while Uber Eats & Grubhub battled it out there for next spot.

Uber has bolstered the role of its considering the acquisition of Postmates found July for $2.65 billion, incorporating aproximatelly ten % to the complete market share of its. Nevertheless, the primary competition Grubhub of its was just lately acquired by European foods shipping and delivery massive Just Eat Takeaway, assuming it with increased money reserves to participate.

This’s a significant problem for Uber Eats, as despite the fact that it requires a thirty % slice out of all the orders along with a shipping and delivery rate, it’s still to create an income. Component of this trouble is actually in most towns, Uber is actually trying to acquire market share via highly sought after partnerships with large brand manufacturers (McDonalds, Starbucks) and also by providing inexpensive shipping and delivery expenses.

The argument produced by Uber is as soon as it’s enhanced a sufficient amount of and also the market place has stabilised, Eats is going to be successful, but that is much manner off of with Just Eat keying in the US market place as well as DoorDash operating a couple of good financial backing rounds a season.

Even during the UK, Uber Eats is actually fighting to surmount Just Eat to come down with complete volume, while simultaneously needing to fight Deliveroo for eating places deliveries. This’s taking place in many nations, whereby Uber Eats faces off of from a big takeaway aggregator as well as domestic supper shipping and delivery program.

Which stated, Uber Eats has described reduced losses year-on-year, for that reason likely while the marketplace consolidates, it might achieve the effort of earnings.

The highway to success might be squashed whether Uber Eats must recognise riders as staff members. Uber has gotten a great deal of flack for labelling the motorists of its impartial contractors, that has resulted in a German court banning the app along with California buying a reclassification. Riders for Uber Eats usually are not presently needed with this dispute, but as Eats gets to be a far more prominent portion of Uber’s company, lawmakers might link the 2.

Uber Eats can also increase the prospective profits avenues of its via the usage of automatic systems. Uber has been evaluating food items shipping and delivery worker bees & self driving automobiles as prospective remedies to the human cost issue. Nevertheless, these’re nonetheless a several yrs coming from any kind of business deployment.

Uber Eats (and also additional foods shipping and delivery services) are actually trying to bring down expense via the usage of dim kitchens, that are put in place by places to come down with discount places and just concentrate on shipping. Uber not too long ago announced it will quit supplying the real estate for the kitchens, but has flat the way in which for a lot of chain places within the UK and also US to utilize them.

As Uber’s ride hailing wedge was decimated by COVID 19, Eats is now main to sustaining the company. Within the 2nd quarter of 2020, Eats gained a lot more profits compared to Rides, though Uber nevertheless views ride hailing as the main businesses of its for your direct long term.

We have collected stats and information on Uber Eats competition, market-share, availability, users, and revenue within the US & worldwide. Look over under to discover a lot more.

Uber Eats Overview

Launch date August 2014
HQ San Francisco, California
People Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO), Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty (head of Uber Eats)
Parent company Uber
Industry Food delivery

Uber Eats Revenue

2017 $600 million
2018 $1.5 billion
2019 $1.9 billion
Q1 2020 $819 million
Q2 2020 $1.2 billion

Sources: Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, QZ

Uber Eats Gross Bookings

2017 $3 billion
2018 $7.9 billion
2019 $14.5 billion
2020 $25 billion*

* Predicted amount by Uber. 

Sources: FT, CNBC, SeekingAlpha

Uber Eats Monthly Active Users

2016 5 million
2017 9 million
2018 15 million
2019 21 million

Sources: Eater, Apptopia, Skift, ZDNet

Uber Eats Cities Available

2016 50
2017 120
2018 200
2019 500
2020 1,000

Sources: TechCrunch, Menabytes, The Verge, Uber

Uber Eats Supported Restaurants

2017 80,000
2018 100,000
2019 220,000
2020 500,000

Sources: Uber (2) (3), The Verge

Uber Eats Average User Spend Per Year

2017 $141
2018 $220

Source: Rakuten

Uber Eats US Food Delivery Marketshare

2016 3%
2017 13%
2018 24%
2020 30% (with Postmates)

Sources: Fortune, FT

Uber Eats vs US Competitors: Food Delivery Marketshare

Sources: Forbes, Rakuten, Fortune, QZ, Second Measure, FT, CNBC

Uber Eats Rivals: Competitors and Alternatives

DoorDash The current champion in the US market, DoorDash has supplanted Grubhub as Uber Eats home competitor
Just-Eat Takeaway Just-Eat Takeaway is already a force in Europe, and the acquisition of Grubhub has made it a competitor in the US market as well
Delivery Hero Delivery Hero, with its assortment of local subsidiaries, is Uber’s main competitor in Asia and South America
Deliveroo Deliveroo is a key competitor in Europe for restaurant delivery, operating in France, Spain and the UK
Rappi A Colombian delivery startup which received investment from SoftBank’s Vision Fund. It has since expanded to most of South America
Jumia Jumia is an e-commerce powerhouse and Africa’s first unicorn startup. Its delivery services are available across the continent

Uber Eats vs Competitors: Revenue and Countries Available

Note: Just-Eat Takeaway revenue includes Grubhub. Uber Eats revenue includes Postmates.