MyCointainer review – what you need to start earning passive income on a staking platform

If you’re a newbie in cryptocurrency and have never bought coins yet, it’s probably going to be a sheer pain to do it without instructions like MyCointainer reviews. Before we dive into the process, let me describe what MyCointainer staking platform is. 

MyCointainer is a staking platform headquartered in Tallinn. In just over 3 years on the market, it has grown a 150K user base and increased the number of assets represented on the website to over 120 coins. MyCointainer has already established itself as a ‘go-to place’ for custodial staking with the most supported assets. It remains a top place with the most assets supported among our competitors. This gives us a huge edge to establish a mindset of a go-to place to earn related activities in crypto – similar to early Amazon for books purchases.

In addition to sticking to their mission to make crypto available for anyone interested, partnering with more providers and adding more assets, the platform’s team also has some ambitious plans for 2022 – like introducing DeFi protocols and even their own crypto coin!

Getting started – setting up an account and verification with MyCointainer

MyCointainer crypto staking platform has positioned itself as a simple resource – no need to put unnecessary efforts to figure out how to use it. For those who are just starting, it’s a feature of primary importance. I used to get so confused by the Binance homepage back when I got acquainted with crypto providers. It’s so refreshing to see the minimum number of buttons and fields to fill. My signup took literally 2 minutes – I entered the email and the password, got an email with the confirmation link and there I was, ready to earn rewards.

For those of you wondering “Is MyCointainer legit?” and “Is MyCointainer safe to stake on?” – it is. It got the license back in 2018 testifying its commitment to become a secure platform for crypto transactions. That’s why before depositing any money to your wallet, you do need to go through some verification but trust me, it’s nothing like Binance’s one.

BONUS: MyCointainer’s support. The verification went easy for me but I decided to pretend I’m dumber than I am and test their Support. I got an email reply from their Support Agent in 13 minutes! For those who are used to waiting for a response for 1-2 business days (or more), you’ll appreciate the speed! The email was concise and straight-to-the point – no templates with too much fluff, just personalized instructions (which I always appreciate).

MyCointainer app – check your daily rewards in your mobile wallet anywhere, anytime

MyCointainer app pretty much follows the idea of a straightforward and effortless access to your digital wallet: minimalistic, non-intrusive and smooth experience. I know one screenshot is not enough to get the idea of the UX, so here are the links to download the app for your iPhone or Android.

For those who are really into crypto cashback, checkout their EarnBack browser extension. It allows you to get cashback in crypto when shopping in your favorite online stores. The rewards can range up to 40% (depends on the store and shopping category)!

Buying crypto with MyCointainer be like – store it in your wallet and earn rewards daily (no need to freeze anything!)

Now when you’re all armed with apps and extensions, let’s see how you buy cryptoon the platform. Here’s the page MyCointainer takes you to when you’re ready to buy some crypto. There are four actions you can do:

  1. Deposit crypto
  2. Deposit cash
  3. Exchange
  4. Withdraw

and four fields to fill when want to exchange the money you deposited to a coin you chose on the crypto assets page:

  1. The currency you want to exchange from
  2. The amount you exchange
  3. The coin you want to buy
  4. The amount of the coin you get

If you’re a beginner, I strongly recommend that you study the Assets page before you buy any coins. There’s plenty of information on every asset to make sure you make an educated decision and not just buy the coin you heard about many times. Unless you have a deep understanding of the market, it’s highly unlikely that you make profit with the PoS algorithm without studying the coin, its development history etc. Investing in cryptocurrency might seem to depend a lot on luck because it’s hard to predict what coin will skyrocket and which one will plummet, but you need to do everything on your side. Sure, it’s a lot easier than mining but you still need to do your research.

Here’s how your MyCointainer dashboard will look like once you buy some coins:

MyCointainer will calculate your total profit generated for you as well as show you how much you invested in different coins. It seems to me, I’m saying this too often, but it just can’t get enough of the simplicity of the platform – a dream of every minimalist.

MyCointainer  – yay or nay? My conclusions

MyCointainer is one of the first global platforms (ahead of Binance & Coinbase) where people can earn rewards on their cryptocurrencies by staking them. The basic process described in this review is just one of the numerous ways you can earn your income on the platform. It’s the easiest way to enter crypto without too much hassle and without learning too much for crypto in this busy world. You’re, like I, most surely have your main job and a family to take care of, so let this passive income be generated by MyCointainer in the simplest possible way – buy crypto and store it in your wallet. 

The platform continues its mission by enabling more protocols and ways to earn yield on the collateral. MyCointainer wants to become a go-to place for crypto related earnings. So if you’re up to more – airdrops, EarnBack, staking and masternodes are at your disposal. Once you see those first numbers go up in the “Profit generated”, you’ll want more, so just let yourself have some fun.

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