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Stellar Lumens Price

History of Stellar XLM

Stellar Lumens (XLM): A Journey from Stellar to Lumens


  • July: Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple, launches the XLM network with Joyce Kim. Initially called “Secret Bitcoin Project,” it aimed for a decentralized payment system.
  • August:
    • The XLM Development Foundation (SDF) forms, partnering with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison.
    • XLM receives $3 million seed funding from Stripe.
    • Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s first bitcoin exchange, joins the XLM network.
  • Launch:
    • 100 billion “stellars” (later lumens) are created, 25% allocated to financial inclusion nonprofits.
    • XLM operates as a decentralized payment network and protocol with its native currency.


  • February: XLM rebrands its native currency from “stellar” to “lumens” (XLM).
  • August: IBM partners with Stellar, exploring blockchain for cross-border payments.


  • February: integrates with Tempo, a money transfer service provider.


  • May: XLM partners with Flutterwave, an African payment processor.


  • September: XLM partners with MoneyGram, offering international money transfers through XLM.


  • November: SDF burns half of its XLM supply (50 billion), aiming to increase token value.


  • May: XLM partners with Circle to enable USDC stablecoin transfers on the XLM network.


  • March: XLM integrates with Visa, allowing users to convert currencies instantly using XLM.
  • October: XLM partners with Chainlink, enabling access to off-chain data for smart contracts.


  • January: XLM integrates with the World Bank, facilitating cross-border payments in emerging markets.

Key Points:

  • XLM has evolved from a decentralized payment network to a broader platform for facilitating financial transactions across borders.
  • Partnerships with major players like IBM, MoneyGram, Visa, and the World Bank indicate its growing adoption.
  • XLM’s price has seen significant fluctuations, reflecting the overall crypto market volatility.

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