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History of FedEx

Here’s the history of FedEx:

Early Beginnings (1965-1973):

  • 1965: While at Yale, Frederick W. Smith proposes a network for overnight delivery in a term paper, surprising his professor with its boldness.
  • 1971: Smith founds Federal Express Corporation in Little Rock, Arkansas, fueled by $4 million in startup capital.
  • 1973: On April 17th, the company launches operations, using 14 Dassault Falcon jets to ship 186 packages to 25 U.S. cities. Memphis, Tennessee, becomes the hub due to its central location and favorable weather.

Rapid Growth and Innovation (1974-1990s):

  • 1975: FedEx adopts its iconic purple and orange color scheme and introduces the first drop box, enabling 24/7 package deposit.
  • 1977: Capitalizing on air cargo deregulation, FedEx acquires its first Boeing 727, significantly boosting its capacity.
  • 1978: The company goes public on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol FDX.
  • 1983: FedEx expands internationally, launching services in Canada.
  • 1984: The acquisition of Gelco Express International grants access to 84 additional countries.
  • 1989: “ZapMail” debuts, guaranteeing two-hour document delivery within major U.S. cities.

Global Expansion and Diversification (1990s-Present):

  • 1994: FedEx acquires Parcel Direct, a major domestic ground shipping company, and rebrands it as FedEx Ground.
  • 1998: FedEx Express Asia marks the company’s entry into the booming Asian market.
  • 2000: FDX Corporation is renamed FedEx Corporation, and all subsidiaries adopt the FedEx brand.
  • 2001: FedEx acquires Viking Freight and American Freightways, establishing FedEx Freight, a leader in LTL shipping.
  • 2008: The acquisition of TNT Express strengthens FedEx’s global presence, particularly in Europe.
  • Present: FedEx remains a major force in the global logistics industry, offering a diverse range of shipping and transportation services to businesses and consumers worldwide.

FedEx’s story is one of unwavering vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and relentless innovation. From its humble beginnings with a handful of jets to its current global reach, the company has forever changed how we ship and receive goods. Its journey is a testament to the power of a big idea and the dedication of those who believe in it.

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