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Bithumb established its own Institute for R&D blockchain technology

Korea’s representative Bithumb established its own Institute for the blockchain technology and sophisticated exchange systems and research & development (R & D) to strengthen the capacity .



Blockchain technology – Bithumb is the first that operates an affiliated Institute of Technology from January 6.

Institute of blockchain team architecture team is divided into a development team, internal working group includes 30 people and also,  additional external staff such as IT professors for advice and technical support for future research (IT) professionals.

Block Chain team will perform system architecture design studies for enhanced security for public transaction block chain analysis and cryptocurrency private key (Private Key).

Analyzing the blockchain to extract a password currency trading transactions and , in conjunction with exchange user address generation , and developed a technique that can perform the processing such as the deposit-and-withdrawal. Also encrypted so that it can easily be stored securely guarantee the private key separation, including implementation verification system .

Architecture team took the architectural design studies for high-transaction matching system that can work with large amounts of simultaneous orders predict for this year.

In addition to high availability and liver block chaining database , it should also proceed with research on high-performance data exchange .

The institute is established in the wake of the Bithumb cryptocurrency trading block chain beyond the platform , big data , encryption , security , advanced, high-performance trading systems, including IT plans to emerge as a technology-intensive block chain and virtual assets, the service leader.


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