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Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

The 49 companies that made Arizent’s third annual list of Best Fintechs to Work For include a wide variety of employers, such as small-business lenders, wealth management software developers, direct mortgage lenders, digital banks and payments platforms. Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020.

A common thread among 2020’s companies is their ability to create a personal connection that attracts talent regardless of location — and then make sure those remote workers feel every bit as included as those working at the company’s headquarters.

This can be done through simple tasks like hosting introductions among workers who would normally never cross paths, or through more challenging measures such as making sure satellite locations have the same layout and resources as the home office.

Below are highlights of the 49 fintechs that made our list. Employee totals for each company are for U.S. staff only, and some companies may have higher overall headcounts.

1 YCharts – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Chicago
U.S. employees: 52
President & CEO: Sean Brown
Business: Technology Products
Twitter@ychartsCultural values/employee benefits
● Definitely not your typical 9-5 environment. With that said, we try to make it fun for our team; if you’re working long hours, it should be enjoyable and memorable
● Pay It Forward community service event, annual Cubs game, intramural sports

Pictured: Each year, employees run together in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, followed by happy hour.

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2 ActiFi – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: St. Louis Park, Minn.
U.S. employees: 16
CEO: Spenser Segal
Business: Technology Solutions
Websiteactifi.comCultural values/employee benefits
● A small company that strives to employ great employees while fostering a fun, entrepreneurial environment
● $75/month towards cell phone usage for all our employees

Pictured: Employees Steph and Jen at ActiFi’s DIY board-making event.

3 Ignite Sales

Location: Dallas
U.S. employees: 17
CEO: George Noga
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@IgniteSalesCultural values/employee benefits
● Flexibility and freedom: flexible hours to accommodate family needs, freedom to test whatever approach employees think would result in outstanding deliverables
● Every employee is given stock options, health insurance is paid 100%

Pictured: Employees and their families gathered to walk in the annual Dallas Turkey Trot.

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4 Fountain City Fintech

Location: Kansas City, Mo.
U.S. employees: 15
President & CEO: Brian Unruh
Business: Accelerator
Twitter@nbkcbankCultural values/employee benefits
● Our leadership conversations are always centered on being an employee-first company
● 3-5-10-18-25-year sabbatical and service awards — 3 years of service gets you a $500 award, 5 years is a $1k award and everything after that is a paid 4-week sabbatical

5 Fundera

Location: New York
U.S. employees: 126
CEO: Jared Hecht
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@funderaCultural values/employee benefits
● Every person that starts at Fundera gets paired with someone outside of their department to help show them the ropes
● Outside Education Stipend — Fundera provides $1000 for employees to take classes, workshops, get certifications that will help them in their career

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6 Promontory Interfinancial Network

Location: Arlington, Va.
U.S. employees: 198
President & CEO: Mark Jacobsen
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@Prom_NetworkCultural values/employee benefits
● Employees love our culture — they are valued/challenged/included. Work-life balance is excellent and we are committed to transparency
● Offices include an employee café (with games, TVs, and free snacks/drinks), a wellness room, rooftop deck, and a gym

Pictured: Rooftop birthday celebration in August.

7 Snappy Kraken

Location: Ormond Beach, Fla.
U.S. employees: 28
CEO: Robert Sofia
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@SnappyKrakenCultural values/employee benefits
● Remote work environment that promotes work-life balance
● Up to $100/month towards renting co-working space in an employee’s city

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8 Payrailz

Location: Glastonbury, Conn.
U.S. employees: 33
CEO: Fran Duggan
Business: Payments
Twitter@payrailzCultural values/employee benefits
● Built around three core values of respect, integrity, and transparency

Pictured: Team members celebrating together.


Location: New York
U.S. employees: 18
CEO & Founder: Benjamin Cohen
Business: Technology Solutions
Websitetrexgroup.comCultural values/employee benefits
● Endeavor to constantly develop and inspire our employees to do their best work by creating an environment that is inclusive, transparent, and fair
20+ days vacation, happy hours, unlimited sick leave, game and movie nights

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10 Self Financial Inc.

Location: Austin, Tex.
U.S. employees: 45
CEO: James Garvey
Business: Technology Products and Services
Twitter@selflenderCultural values/employee benefits
● Empower, challenge and motivate employees
● Unlimited PTO, gym membership, snacks and drinks

Pictured: In front of the new office mural.

11 Redtail Technology

Location: Sacramento, Calif.
U.S. employees: 97
CEO: Brian McLaughlin
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@RedtailCRMCultural values/employee benefits
● From the very beginning, Redtail aimed to be a place where its employees enjoyed spending their days
● Free meals; 100% paid healthcare, dental, vision; and cell phone/gym reimbursement

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12 Novo

Location: New York
U.S. employees: 19
CEO: Michael Rangel
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@banknovoCultural values/employee benefits
● We give autonomy, treating everyone like an entrepreneur
● Snacks, masseuse, charity support, pancake breakfasts cooked by CEO and CTO

13 280 CapMarkets LLC

Location: San Francisco
U.S. employees: 58
CEO: Gurinder Ahluwalia
Business: Technology Solutions
Website280capmarkets.comCultural values/employee benefits
● Flexible work schedules that include unlimited vacation/PTO/sick time
● Access to a multitude of training and development programs/courses offered by SkillSet at no cost

Pictured: Clockwise from top left: Annual summer BBQ at the CEO’s residence; employee outing with the family; the company’s technology team.

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14 Apiture

Location: Wilmington, N.C.
U.S. employees: 174
President: Christopher Cox
Business: Technology Solutions
Websiteapiture.comCultural values/employee benefits
● An extremely inclusive culture that puts emphasis on innovation and creativity
● Covers 100% of insurance premiums for employees and family members, including out of pocket

15 Bankers Healthcare Group

Location: Davie, Fla.
U.S. employees: 532
CEO: Albert Crawford
Business: Alternative Lending
Twitter@BHGstatCultural values/employee benefits
● Employees are empowered to voice ideas and opinions to BHG’s leaders and executives, who maintain open-door policies
● 100% coverage of medical premiums for both full-time employees and part-time employees who work 30+ hours, plus their dependents

Pictured: BHG’s team in Syracuse, New York.

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16 Facet Wealth

Location: Baltimore
U.S. employees: 92
CEO: Anders Jones
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@FacetWealthCultural values/employee benefits
● Committed to making work/life balance achievable for everyone; there is no required 9-5
● Free certified financial planner from inside the company to every employee, stock option grant on day one

Pictured: A quick selfie during one of the company’s quarterly team meetings.

17 MPOWER Financing

Location: Washington, D.C.
U.S. employees: 29
CEO: Emmanuel Smadja
Business: Fintech Services
Websitempowerfinancing.comCultural values/employee benefits
● Inclusion: seek input from employees on how to continue to build the culture
● 2 work-from-home days/week, parental leave available from day one

Pictured: Volunteering at the Junior Achievement-Finance Park to educate elementary school kids on the importance for personal finance and work readiness.

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18 Member Driven Technologies

Location: Farmington Hills, Mich.
U.S. employees: 147
President & CEO: Larry Nichols
Business: Credit Union Service Organization
Twitter: @memberdrivenCultural values/employee benefits
● Position people for success by providing training, coaching, and career development, and a culture and work environment employees are proud of
● 100% company paid medical & dental for employees and dependents; $2,100 annually for employees who opt out of medical coverage

Pictured: MDT Employees volunteering at Operation Good Cheer in December of 2018. Employees helped sort gifts for Michigan children in foster care.

19 Kabbage

Location: Atlanta
U.S. employees: 504
CEO & Co-founder: Robert Frohwein
Business: Technology Products & Services
Twitter@KabbageIncCultural values/employee benefits
● Upon 5 years of employment, 6-week paid sabbatical and an extra $6,000 to do with as you please
● In-office de-stressors: game rooms, massage chairs, onsite gym, yoga, meditation, beer and wine on tap and intramural clubs

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Location: New York
U.S. employees: 533
CEO & Founder: Vishal Garg
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@betterdotcomCultural values/employee benefits
● Diversity is important to us: 54% of employees identify as a minority, and half of executive leadership is female
● Free lunch, dinner and snacks, every day; $2,500 bonus for childcare/household services

21 PayTrace

Location: Spokane Valley, Wash.
U.S. employees: 57
CEO & Founder: Scott Judkins
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@paytraceCultural values/employee benefits
● Flexible schedules, remote-friendly environment
● Gifts/swag multiple times/year

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22 Kasasa

Location: Austin, Tex.
U.S. employees: 474
CEO: Gabriel Krajicek
Business: Technology Products
Twitter@kasasaCultural values/employee benefits
● Our goal is to develop a breed of employee that other companies covet and deliberately seek out
12-week paid parental leave policy; “pay to tat” — $2000 cash bonus for employees who get a Patch tattoo

Pictured: Team members demonstrating “Kasasa Pride.”

23 SmartBiz Loans

Location: San Francisco
U.S. employees: 118
CEO: Evan Singer
Business: Technology Products & Services
Twitter: @SmartBizLoansCultural values/employee benefits
● We have reached our milestones by building a diverse, talented and passionate team, having fun together
● 100% company paid premium healthcare/dental/vision for employees and their dependents, employee stock options for every position, unlimited snacks/coffee/beverages, meals 3x per week, beer and wine

Pictured: Clockwise from top left: Celebrating Big Wins with a Catamaran Cruise Around the San Francisco Bay; celebrating big milestones with a river cruise in Austin; hosting a quarterly ladies lunch in Austin.

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24 Bank OZK Innovation Labs – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: St. Petersburg, Fla.
U.S. employees: 42
President: Marcio deOliveira
Business: Technology Products
Twitter@bankozkCultural values/employee benefits
● Pair programming, mentorship, opportunities for flexibility to work on passion projects, access to ongoing training
● Free checking & savings accounts, free Starbucks

Pictured: Employees at one of their favorite murals in downtown St. Pete.

25 MX

Location: Lehi, Utah
U.S. employees: 293
CEO & Founder: Ryan Caldwell
Business: Technology Services
Twitter: @MXCultural values/employee benefits
● Seven, deep-rooted values: purposeful contribution, exuberance for life, founder mindset, foundation of trust, objectivity in discourse, cognizance, and iterative innovation
● Unlimited PTO, regularly scheduled catered breakfasts and lunches (weekly), dinner also provided(when staying late)

Pictured: The local Lehi fire department and Blaze the Fire Dog joined the company’s MX Gives lunch in September 2019.

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26 Abrigo

Location: Austin, Texas
U.S. employees: 491
CEO: Wayne Roberts
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@weareabrigoCultural values/employee benefits
● One value that our CEO Wayne Roberts insisted we included was love
● Unlimited PTO, flex schedules, employee-started wine clubs, wellness reimbursement plan, annual onsite biometric screening

Pictured: Team members in Raleigh packing over 12,000 meals for the NCEC Food Bank.

27 PeerStreet

Location: Los Angeles, CA
U.S. employees: 193
CEO & Co-founder: Brew Johnson
Business: Technology Products
Twitter@PeerStreetCultural values/employee benefits
● It’s common that our staff will say that their favorite thing is the other people; showing up to work with kind, smart and positive people keeps us going
● Employee resources groups pursue diversity and inclusion goals; wellness programs & competitions

Pictured: PeerStreet staff hitting up a morning gym class together before heading into the office.

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28 Jack Henry & Associates

Location: Allen, Texas
U.S. employees: 6600
President & CEO: David Foss
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@jackhenryassocCultural values/employee benefits
● Our work environment encourages a personally, professionally, and financially rewarding career. Every week there’s always something new and exciting happening at our locations

Pictured: Charlotte associates “rock their socks” for World Down Syndrome Day, 2019.

29 IOU Financial

Location: Montreal, QC Canada
U.S. employees: 41
President & CEO: Phil Marleau
Business: Business Lending
Twitter@IOUFinancialCultural values/employee benefits
● An emphasis on team building through activities, outings and lunches
● Gift card giveaways / Golden PTO tickets based off of achievements

Pictured: Halloween costume contest.

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30 Nova Credit

Location: San Francisco, California
U.S. employees: 45
CEO: Misha Esipov
Business: Financial Services
Twitter@nova_creditCultural values/employee benefits
● Continuous feedback is always welcomed. Employees have ownership and autonomy of work, and there is open communication including weekly all-hands meetings
● Reimburse a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world on select work anniversaries

Pictured: Cooking as a team bonding activity.

31 Braviant Holdings

Location: Chicago, IL
U.S. employees: 51
CEO: Stephanie Klein
Business: Online consumer lending
Websitebraviantholdings.comCultural values/employee benefits
● The best idea wins every time regardless of title or tenure
● Wellness program, manager training program

Pictured: Volunteering at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

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32 Finicity

Location: Murray, UT
U.S. employees: 117
CEO & Co-Founder: Steve Smith
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@finicityCultural values/employee benefits
● Wellness program with cash incentive, summer family events

Pictured: Finicity’s Utah Corporate Games gold medal winning kickball team.

33 Cross River

Location: Fort Lee, NJ
U.S. employees: 250
President & CEO: Gilles Gade
Business: Banking and Technology Products, Solutions and Services
Twitter@crossriverbankCultural values/employee benefits
● Team work and creative collaboration in the pursuit of innovation coupled with inclusive and friendly, family environment
● “Liquidity” Thursdays, early close Fridays, monthly on-site barber & hairstylist

Pictured: Giving back to the community through Habitat for Humanity.

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34 Advyzon

Location: Chicago, IL
U.S. employees: 27
CEO & Founder: Hailin Li
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@advyzonCultural values/employee benefits
● Everyone given autonomy and tools to do their best work with leadership helping as needed rather than micromanaging
● Benefit package with medical stipend, work from home flexibility

35 BillGO

Location: Fort Collins, CO
U.S. employees: 95
CEO: Dan Holt
Business: Technology Services
Websitebillgo.comCultural values/employee benefits
● We are improving people financial lives
● Unlimited snacks, quality swag

Pictured: A group shot outside the company’s Redmond office.

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36 Autobooks

Location: Detroit, Michigan
U.S. employees: 60
CEO: Steven Robert
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@autobooks_Pictured: Autobooks team at its downtown Detroit headquarters.

37 CSI

Location: Paducah, KY
U.S. employees: 1188
Chairman & CEO: Steve Powless
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@csisolutionsCultural values/employee benefits
● Profit-sharing plan rewards our employees when our company does well
● Employee appreciation events, PTO for volunteer work, new employee welcome gifts

Pictured: Employees and spouses at the CSI Christmas party in Amarillo, Texas.

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38 Oranj

Location: Chicago, IL
U.S. employees: 45
CEO: David Lyon
Business: Technology Products
Websiterunoranj.comCultural values/employee benefits
● We’re on a mission to change financial technology and we’re doing that by … creating an environment that our team is passionate to be a part of
● Snacks, masseuse, charity support, pancake breakfasts cooked by CEO & CTO

39 Allied Payment Network

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
U.S. employees: 33
CEO & Founder: Ralph Marcuccilli
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@AlliedPaymentCultural values/employee benefits
● Monthly company meetings that provide updates and transparency into goals and milestones
● Flexible scheduling, emmployee referral program

Pictured: Allied’s NFL Team Day.

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40 Seek Capital

Location: Los Angeles, CA
U.S. employees: 78
CEO: Roy Ferman
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@SEEKcapitalCultural values/employee benefits
● Every member of the team goes through a week-long onboarding — it’s important for everyone, regardless of their role, to experience what it’s like to pitch a client
● We have regular “Power Week” spiffs for different departments where employees compete to win prizes such as TVs, trips, watches and more

41 Ally Financial

Location: Charlotte, NC
U.S. employees: 8546
CEO: Jeffrey J. Brown (JB)
Business: Digital Financial Services Company
Twitter@allyfinancialCultural values/employee benefits
● Believes in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee is valued
● Full-time employees receive fully paid parental leave for both men and women as well as non-birth parents

Pictured: Ally collaborated with Sean “Big Sean” Anderson and Thurgood Marshall College Fund to create “Moguls in the Making,” entrepreneurship competition for students from public HBCUs.

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42 Advanced Data Corporation – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Milford, PA
U.S. employees: 51
CEO: Allen Johnson
Business: Technology Services values/employee benefits
● We strive to treat our employees like we treat our clients, with integrity, respect and dedication
● Work remotely, with lots of room for growth

43 StrategyCorps – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Brentwood, TN
U.S. employees: 63
Partner: Mike Branton
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@strategycorpsCultural values/employee benefits
● A corporate organization and environment that encourages and rewards hard work, collaboration, creativity
● Work remotely, flextime, flat org structure

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44 First Rate – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Arlington, TX
U.S. employees: 86
CEO: David A Stone
Business: Technology Services
Twitter@FirstRatePerfCultural values/employee benefits
● Community involvement: Each employee gets $2000 per year to give away to a charity of their choice
● Employees get paid trip to Calif on 10th anniversary, Hawaii on 20th

45 TradePMR  – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Gainesville, Florida
U.S. employees: 73
CEO: Robb Baldwin
Business: Technology Services
Websitetradepmr.comCultural values/employee benefits
● We make a concerted effort to be active members of the community through an employee-driven approach to local philanthropy
● Employee engagement activities. Annual wellness fair (includes free blood work, chiropractic adjustments, massages). Each employee is offered unlimited Cyro-therapy at no charge

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46 Expansion Capital Group – Best Fintech Companies to Work for 2020

Location: Sioux Falls, SD
U.S. employees: 69
CEO: Vincent Ney
Business: Alternative Lending
Websiteecg.comCultural values/employee benefits
● Quarterly employee engagement survey to continue to focus on the engagement of employees and in order to course correct if things veer off track
● Flexible work environment, access to leadership

Pictured: Team member showing ECG pride.

47 MineralTree

Location: Cambridge, MA
U.S. employees: 105
CEO: Micah Remley
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@MineralTreeCultural values/employee benefits
● Each department in the organization has a representative that sits on a committee devoted to product redesign and development
● Free lunch Fridays, game room

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48 Corporate Spending Innovations

Location: Bonita Springs, FL
U.S. employees: 104
President: David Disque
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@CorpSpendingCultural values/employee benefits
● Work environment reminiscent of a Silicon Valley start-up
● 100% paid medical, 5% 401k match, employee outings

Pictured: The company’s annual Halloween costume contest.

49 Soft Corporation

Location: Duluth, GA
U.S. employees: 71
Chairman & CEO: Murthy Veeraghanta
Business: Technology Solutions
Twitter@VSoft_CorpCultural values/employee benefits
● Laid back work environment, good work/life balance
● Teambuilding events, snacks & beer, ping pong and pool tables

Pictured: VSoft employees competing for best Halloween costume last year.

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