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Mash, a fast-growing fintech company and the world-leading payments services provider Ingenico news have signed a collaboration agreement to provide Mash’s innovative “pay later” solution to Merchants across Spain. This payment solution boosts merchant’s sales thanks to an increase of sales conversion rates through a frictionless customer experience.

Uniqueness about Mash’s solution is that it allows customers to be instantly and easily on-boarded at the point of sale, with no pre-registration needed. Customers can check-out in-store in seconds and defer the payment by simply selecting the Mash payment option from an enabled Ingenico News terminal. The customers then get an invoice home with 14 days to choose how they want to pay their purchase. During that extra payment time customers can decide to pay the invoice in full without any fees or choose to pay it in installments.

According to David Valero, Head of Enterprise Retail of Ingenico Iberia, “In a momentum where retail is set to undergo a tremendous transformation to enhance both customer experience and drive sales, to offer a wide range of payment methods becomes key.”

”Aligning both, Ingenico’s wide experience in in-store payment together with the defer payment solution from Mash, will enable retailers of all sizes and scale, to create a smoother shopping experience for consumers providing a pay later option that will no doubt impact in their revenue generation.”

Nordic way to pay to Spain

According to a recent report by Deloitte, retail in Nordic countries is turning cashless at great speed. In Sweden more than 80 percent of all retail transactions have been conducted electronically already, thus also flexible and technologically advanced pay-later solutions are widely used. In Spain, these solutions are less common and this is the growth opportunity in Ingenico’s and Mash’s collaboration. Mash has its solution live in Finland and Sweden and will now offer a similar, easy and reliable experience to consumers in Spain.

“Convenience is the key. When payment is painless and financing instantly available to consumers, the merchant can concentrate on the customer experience and service,” says Gaëtan Van Wynsberghe, CEO of Mash Group PLC. “The Nordic countries are very advanced in fintech services with great usability. Mash is in the forefront of the payment revolution with its pay-by-identity at the POS solution and now Ingenico opens Spain for this offering. We are very excited about the scaling possibilities. Spain is a huge market.”

About Ingenico News

Ingenico has been leading the payment industry for over 30 years to become the world leader in global payment systems. Ingenico provides intelligent and secure payment solutions for commerce in all channels: store, internet and mobile. Ingenico has a wide payment acceptance network that allows to offer global payment coverage to its customers.


About Mash

Mash is an established fintech company focusing on payments and credit in store and online. It is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain and in the near future in Italy. Mash has been at the forefront of fintech innovation since 2007 and started Spain in 2018 with an online credit product

Mash leverages advanced proprietary algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and its automated platform to deliver superior finance and payments solutions to thousands of customers every day. Mash team works hard for a future powered by technology, making every transaction seamless, flexible and worry-free. Today, Mash is one of Europe’s leading fintech companies.


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