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History of Johnson & Johnson


Early Beginnings (1886-1920s):

Founded in 1886 by the three Johnson brothers in New Jersey, capitalizing on the rise of antiseptic surgery by selling sterile surgical dressings.
1894: Launched Johnson’s Baby Powder, becoming a household name.
1910: Expanded globally, opening its first overseas office in Canada.
1917: Played a significant role in supplying medical supplies during World War I.
Growth and Diversification (1920s-1960s):

1924: Acquired Ethicon, entering the surgical equipment market.
1930s: Developed iconic products like Band-Aid bandages and Listerine mouthwash.
1944: Went public and rapidly grew through acquisitions and internal research & development.
1950s-1960s: Expanded into pharmaceuticals with new drugs like Haldol and Rogaine.
Challenges and Triumphs (1970s-2000s):

1970s: Faced lawsuits and controversies surrounding talc-based baby powder and the drug Risperdal.
1982: The Tylenol tampering incident led to stricter product safety measures across the industry.
1990s-2000s: Continued developing new drugs and medical devices while facing legal challenges.
2010s: Made significant contributions to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, particularly in Africa.
Recent Developments (2010s-Present):

2020: Played a crucial role in developing and manufacturing a COVID-19 vaccine.
2023: Split off its consumer healthcare business, creating Kenvue, a new publicly traded company.
Legacy and Impact:

Johnson & Johnson is a healthcare giant, employing over 150,000 people and operating in over 200 countries. Their credo, “Our first responsibility is to the patients,” reflects their commitment to improving health and well-being, though their journey has also been marked by controversy.

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