A Look into Live Casino Technology

The last couple of years has been a struggle for many businesses across various industries, thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s also brought unprecedented opportunities to a few. One perfect example is the online gambling sector. Long before safety measures like lockdowns were imposed, these platforms had already gathered some momentum due to their unparalleled convenience. 

But their player count had risen when their brick-and-mortar competition had to close down, and gaming enthusiasts couldn’t visit their local casinos. As a result, what was once a mere alternative had become the primary option for many.

An authentic experience

The most significant obstacle that internet gambling operators and platforms faced in the past was immersion. After all, there’s a big difference between playing with human dealers and against real people rather than opponents powered by artificial intelligence. However, the rise of live casinos has managed to reduce the disparities between offline and online gambling through social interactions with real dealers and players.

Whether you prefer American, European, or Indian live casino games, you can play live versions of your favourite titles as if you were in a real casino. In turn, this makes the activity more immersive and engaging in the process.

Innovation driven by technology

Most live casino platforms employ advanced streaming technologies developed specifically to ensure the delivery of an authentic experience. Some of these aspects are the following:

  • OCR. The optic character recognition or OCR has been gaining a lot of traction in many fields, such as data processing and healthcare. However, it’s a component that has been incorporated into the technology of live casinos for a while now, used primarily to track card symbols, roulette wheel numbers, and more. In doing so, the operators can gather information quicker and announce who won with minimal delay.
  • Powerful cameras. Cameras are an integral component of any live gaming service. The best operators generally employ several cameras to follow the games more closely through small and powerful units that provide different views on the action. For some, it’s the next to the best thing they can get outside of playing at a physical table. For others, they’re even better because they get perspectives they wouldn’t have had without the devices.
  • Game controls unit. The GCU ties all other components together. Every table will have its game controls unit that addresses the process for encoding, ensuring the delivery of the stream without any lag and with optimal clarity.
  • Studio monitor. Live casinos need to provide a means for two-way communication. Without it, social interactions between the players and dealers can’t happen. This is where the studio monitor comes into play. Your messages as a player will appear on them, which are generally placed in the line of sight of the dealers so they can respond to you through their mics. 


Live casinos separate themselves from other online gambling platforms with one main difference: the human element. It’s what makes them more engaging and immersive than other online alternatives. So, if you’re looking to get your gambling fix, give live casinos a shot.

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