How to avoid cheating and fraud in online casinos

Some online casinos are safer and more credible than others. In this article, you’ll find recommendations on choosing a top-notch gambling platform that plays fair.

When you register in an online casino, you want to experience an adrenaline rush and get a chance to win cash. Obviously, you want the platform to play fair and honestly pay you the winnings. And of course, you would like to avoid any type of fraud, cheat and excessive risks. From this article, you’ll get to know what you should pay attention to to get an excellent online gambling experience.


You should create an account only on a licensed platform. If a casino lacks a license it means it is entirely unregulated and doesn’t need to comply with any rules. Most gambling projects today receive their licenses in offshore territories, such as Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar or Antigua and Barbuda. These documents allow them to operate on an international level.

Normally, you should be able to find the number of the casino license and the name of the organization that issued it in the footer on the casino’s main page. Otherwise, you might look for this data in the About Us section, on the Security page or in the Terms and Conditions. If you fail to find it, you can ask the support team about it. Then, you might want to visit the site of the organization that issued the license to make sure that this casino is indeed mentioned there. If it is, feel free to sign up for it.


Top casinos today encrypt their customers’ private data with SSL certificates and stick to the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. The last letter in the HTTPS acronym stands for “secure”. When you open an HTTPS site, you’ll see a padlock icon in the URL bar. If there is no padlock, this means the site fails to comply with the latest security standards.

Quality of Customer Support

The professionalism of the support team is a telltale sign of the platform’s overall quality. The customer service of an ideal online casino should meet the following criteria.

  • Be available through multiple communication channels
  • Speak several languages
  • Be ready to process clients’ queries 24/7
  • Have a short response time
  • Be polite, friendly and competent

You might want to get in touch with the support managers before creating an account on the gambling platform. Even if you don’t have any questions, try to invent some just to assess the professionalism of the team. If they quickly reply to you and give you a comprehensive answer to your query, it’s a good sign.

False Ads

Sometimes, advertising misinforms potential clients — especially when talking about bonuses. Typically, an ad would mention the maximum sum of the bonus but not its wagering coefficient. To learn about the wagering requirements, the customer needs to check the page of that specific bonus on the casino’s site or read the platform’s terms and conditions. But gamblers with little experience might think that the ad provided them with exhaustive information about the offer and don’t look further. They accept the bonus — and discover its wagering requirements only when they fail to withdraw their winnings.

Basically, online casinos don’t tell lies in their ads. They just don’t reveal the full information. But that’s enough to make people spend more than they initially intended.

Rigged Software

When a software provider builds a game, it sets its algorithms so that it allows players to win certain sums with a certain frequency. Before you put the reels of a particular slot in motion, you can get to know about its RTP and volatility. In theory, hackers might fine-tune the algorithms so that the game pays out the winnings less frequently than intended and players get smaller sums. But the developers and independent organizations make sure that it won’t happen. One of the largest and the most well-known audit companies of this type is eCOGRA. Casinos that collaborate with it normally add its logo to their footers. Licensed casinos that purchase their software from top providers would hardly ever try to modify the original algorithms, while some unlicensed projects might dare to do so.

A Handy Service for Finding Trustworthy Casinos

To check whether a gambling platform was blacklisted or not, you might want to visit This service will help you to filter only the safest and high-rated projects where you’ll have good odds to win cash. Besides, on this site, you can get free spins as a no deposit bonus to spice up the gameplay and reduce your expenses.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand how to make your online gambling experience risk-free and highly enjoyable. Choose only licensed casinos that use modern encryption technologies. Read attentively their terms and conditions. Use reliable third-party services to filter only top platforms and put only that money at stake that you can afford to lose.

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