Main perks and benefits of being loyal to one gambling platform

Discover the reasons why online casinos treat their loyal clients in a special way and learn about the ways of becoming a VIP player. Get the best bonuses for the account to boost profits.

The most beneficial casino bonus

The variety of internet casinos have quite similar features all across the board. It is difficult to draw the attention of the new customers with just a good selection of games or functional interface of the website. The key decisive factor for the majority of modern gamblers is the bonus system of the casino. Players want to make the most out of their gambling, which is not achievable without a boost from bonuses and pleasant offers.

To find some of them you just need to explore a dedicated tab and read the description of each. For example, you can try to search on 22Bet sportsbook, where you can find lots of examples of generous promotions. 

However, the best promotions are not that obvious to get. You are probably familiar with the meaning of the “VIP” status, which is also a thing in the casinos.

How to obtain a VIP status?

Some of the internet casinos have a special “Loyalty program” promotion. This is the most common representation of the VIP bonus on these websites. It means that to become a “very important person” you have to be loyal to the services of the particular platform. The idea behind this system is that players get certain points for every bet they place. The quality of your performance does not matter, so losses also get you closer to the promotion. As for the limit of the points you can potentially collect – there is usually no one. However, to get the VIP status you have to have a certain amount of them on your account.

The best thing about this type of promotion is that there is no separation between players in the beginning. Every client has an opportunity of achieving the VIP status through the loyalty program. Moreover, the requirements are straightforward and there are no complicated nuances.

What bonuses do VIP clients have?

After claiming your VIP status, you need to wait for some time before it applies to your account. However, you can be sure that it is worth waiting. New feature of the account literally gives you authority and opens up interesting possibilities.

You can expect to get special rewards that are only available to VIP clients, like special Welcome offers. In addition to that, some of the websites increase depositing and withdrawal limits of this type of gamblers to make their experience even better. It can even increase your betting odds and conversion rates in money operations. There is also usually a special department of customer support service that works only with VIP clients.


In the long run, the Loyalty program of the online casino might be the most interesting promotion for the player. It not only gives new bonuses but also improves the gambler’s overall experience on the platform.

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