Why would I want to play free slots?

Playing free slots is exactly the same as using a real slot, with the only difference being that there is no money involved. Many players wonder what the benefits of these free slot games such as Spartacus Slots really are.

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Free slots 

Free slot games are exactly what the name implies, free to play versions of slot games. These are also commonly referred to as demo slots, they offer the exact same experience as a typical slot game with one key difference, they do not pay out any cash when the player gets a win. As a result, they are not as popular as their money paying counterparts. However, players still love to use free slots. All popular casino slot games will have a free to play version, this is mostly so that players can decide on whether they would like to spend any money on a game before they play it. Free slots offer the exact same bonuses, RTP and RNG, meaning that there is absolutely no difference in gameplay. 


Demo slot games may seem pointless to some players, after all there is no money to be won by using them. However, there are actually several benefits that come from using them that players will not receive in other slot games. 

  1. Practise – The biggest benefit that free slot games offer players is the chance to practise, something that you do not usually get to do. Practise can be hugely beneficial to players, particularly if they are new to the game. It allows them to experiment with new strategies and techniques, learn how to trigger the bonuses in the slot and try and work out the best way to approach the game.
  2. No money – For experienced players, there may not seem to be much point in using free slots. However, if you ever find that your account is looking a little empty, using a free slot is the best way to enjoy slot games. As there is no money involved, players will get the chance to use a slot game without having to worry about their account balance. This adds a whole new dimension to the game and arguably makes it more enjoyable.

How to play 

The good news for players is that using a free online slot is very similar to using a real online slot. There are absolutely no differences in the gameplay side of things, the only real difference is that these slots do not involve money at all. 

●       The currency in these games will be fake no matter what. This means that if the player manages to have an unbelievable run and trigger lots of bonuses, they will still not be able to withdraw any winnings.

●       The gameplay is exactly the same, no matter which slot you are playing. What this means is things such as the RNG and RTP are all the same, making this game perfect for players who want to practise on a slot before betting real money. 


Free slot games let players practise and work out strategies before they spend real money on actual slots

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