Best 60 Percent Keyboard

Best 60 Percent Keyboard. Not everyone needs a numpad. Not everyone requires a cluster of navigation keys. If you’re collecting dust on a portion of your keyboard, it may be time for you to consider a 60% keyboard. Here are our favorite compact typing peripherals.

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Best For Purists:

Ducky Channel One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 mini

If you’ve never heard of Ducky, it’s a company that has been pumping out some of the best mechanical keyboards for years. The Ducky Channel One 2 Mini may have a strange name, but it offers a sublime typing experience. You can choose from an array of Cherry MX switches and you don’t need any software.

Best Value:

HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Hyper X Alloy Origins 60 Reco

If you need something that offers exceptional value, you will want to consider the HyperX Alloy Origins 60. It’s priced aggressively compared to other 60% keyboards, has a bustling compact design, all the RGB lighting you’ll need, and a premium feel for gamers seeking a smaller footprint.

Best Gaming:

Razer Huntsman Mini

Huntsman Mini

The Razer Huntsman Mini is specially designed for typists, minimalists, and gamers who need more desk space. Instead of using the standard mechanical switch, Razer opted for excellent linear optical switches, beautiful colorways, and RGB options. This is one fun mini keyboard.

Not Quite 60%:

Fnatic STREAK65

Fnatic STREAK65

Looking for something that was designed with esports in mind? Fnatic STREAK65 has everything you’ll need in a compact typing platform. Fnatic makes some excellent keyboards under the STREAK family and the STREAK65 is yet another fine example of a gaming peripheral done right.

Best Budget:



Just because the RK61 from RK ROYAL KLUDGE is on the more affordable slide of the pricing scale, it’s still worth considering. This mechanical keyboard supports wireless use through Bluetooth though you can still use it with a USB-C cable. It has RGB lighting, an ergonomic design, and a choice of red, blue, or brown linear switches. Not too bad!

Choosing the right 60% keyboard

The one question anyone has to ask before buying a keyboard of this size is should you buy a 60 percent keyboard? The answer is “yes,” so long as you don’t mind losing arrow keys, the numpad, F keys, and the navigation cluster. It’ll save plenty of space on your desk, but may not be for everyone.

60% is about as compact as we’ll likely get before a keyboard becomes too useless for typists and gamers. Our top recommendation goes to the Ducky Channel One 2 Mini from the company that caters to keyboard purists. You’ll find plenty of enthusiasts — many of whom enjoy building their own keyboards — using Ducky keyboards. It’s also one of our top picks for best mechanical keyboards and best keyboards.

Razer Huntsman Mini is about as good as you can get for a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s brilliant with optical switches, colorful RGB lighting, and support for the company’s superb software. If you need something a little more value-orientated, HyperX has you covered with the Alloy Origins 60.

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