How Much Have I Spent on League of Legends?

Exactly how to examine how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends.

Are you passing away to understand how much you’ve spent on your League of Legends account?

If you resemble us and also you’ve spent upwards of $1,000 because opening your account, it can be unpleasant to see how much you’ve spent into a supposed “free-to-play” video game– money you can have (and possibly should have) spent in other places.

For those who are take on sufficient to learn, click this link and check in with your Trouble Gamings account to see precisely how much money you’ve spent on League. After logging in, a large red “Show Me The cash” switch need to show up. When you click it, it’ll discover how much money you’ve spent on League.

Screengrab via Trouble Gamings.
The amount puts on your area and also might not reflect money spent beyond your existing fragment.

Reddit customers have been sharing their tales, disclosing that they’ve spent eye-watering amounts on champs, skins, chromas, and Little Legends over the course of the past 10 years. Some have spent just $50, while others have invested thousands.


Have you ever before asked on your own the inquiry: how much time I spent on LoL? Riot Games does not let you understand your total hours spent in League of Legends, however there are a few other ways to go for this.

To start with, Trouble does permit you to see how much time you spent on LoL this season. But this means that it just shows your ranked hrs. To understand this, just do as follows:.

Run League of Legends on your computer system.
As opposed to going straight in advance for a suit, click your profile tab.
After that go to the “Stats” tab on that particular food selection.
On your base left, just under the variety of Games Played, you will see the number of ranked hours played throughout the existing period.
Now, if what you need to know is the total of hrs you have ever spent on LoL, after that you will certainly have to go for 3rd parties who use this service.


Finding out how much time you spent on LoL is quick and also simple, merely head into Lost on LoL (, pick your region, as well as enter your summoner name to figure out how much time you have spent on League of Legends.

Thrown away on LoL is easy to browse, with minimal web links as well as clutter. Besides, there is more to this website. On the leading bar food selection, you can acquire RP and inspect the 20 top player lists on each areas, based on how much time have those gamers spent in League of Legends.

Squandered on LoL can cover all accounts in servers straight organized by Riot video games. Unfortunately, this additionally indicates accounts from China, whose region is hosted by qq, as well as a huge part of South East Asia whose area is hosted by Garena, are not covered.

On the disadvantage, being a 3rd party, Wasted on LoL does not offer you a 100% exact depend on the hours played. However, it is the closest you can get to your total hours.


The procedure is rather easy:.

On the website’s homepage, there is a tab where you must enter your summoner’s name.
On the right side of that tab, you choose your region.
After that, simply click the “How much time i wasted on LoL” switch listed below. (Thrown Away on LoL) homepage.

After this, you will certainly reach see the number of hrs you have used LoL based upon their information. The moment spent playing LoL will certainly be displayed in mins, hours and also days. It will certainly also show you your ranking position in your region as well as worldwide. Additionally it will certainly give you a good comparable time if you read publication, saw films or walked rather than play. Twitter and Facebook share buttons are also readily available.


The short answer is no. While this website offers you the possibility of knowing your hours, it is a 3rd party site with low accessibility to the TROUBLE database. As a result, you can not be 100% sure concerning’s accuracy.

On the other hand, several users have a problem regarding it currently in forums, specifying that they have played a lot less than the website’s results show.

We additionally suggest you utilizing Google Chrome while seeing this internet site. We have experienced an extreme downturn with other browsers.


Moving on, if your region is not available in Lost on LoL, there is an alternate way to discover the moment you’ve spent playing the game. Simply make use of websites that gather gamer stats & information like the Chinese, locate your overall games and also typical game time, and after that increase both numbers.

There actually aren’t various other sites comparable to that might have an extra precise strategy. used to offer a precise summary of the hours you played throughout the most up to date season, as well as also had an average for all the seasons prior to that. So, you could get an idea by just summing those numbers. Unfortunately, given that November 2019 is no more active.

Other alternatives are to make the calculations yourself.

You can check your number of played video games at websites such as After that multiply that number by 30 (as half an hour is the ordinary time for low-rank suits) or 25 (25 mins is the average for top-rank matches). This way you will certainly get an ordinary suggestion of the number of hours you have spent in-game.

One more way to obtain an estimate of your variety of played games is to separate your total proficiency points and after that separate the outcome by 650. By doing this you don’t need to trust fund sites like to offer you a number.


Surprisingly, regardless of the expanding competition of the League of Legends esports scene, the professional gamers are no place to be seen in the top-boards for spent hours. This suggests that simple technique and also play does not straight equate to success. After all, most of us recognize of the term hard stuck, where you stop working to obtain any progression despite years of play.

Improving without the use of pricey coaching is both practical and also easy with the different websites and programs available. Mobalytics, specifically, supplies often upgraded patch tier lists, and also offers a program to provide customized assisted assistance in-game.

The analytics from the Mobalytics will most certainly assist in steering you in the direction of victory. The help from Mobalytics doesn’t stop merely on Summoners Break, the app/site likewise covers all things team fight strategies and legends of Rune Terra.

On the other hand, despite LoLKing being dead, you can make use of comparable websites like to quickly boost your game. makes it easy to watch product construct courses as well as proficiencies from any kind of gamer, including your favorite League of Legends YouTubers and also banners.

So, even though it is extremely not likely that you will obtain the same success by adhering to the very same build paths as well as masteries, in details match-ups having this intel will make sure to provide a benefit. This is specifically good for brand-new gamers who do not have the moment to spend hours watching pros or banners to enhance.


According to stats launched by Riot Gamings, the typical League of Legends gamer spends 832 hours on the game. This equates to nearly 35 days straight. Provided this number takes into consideration new gamers too, it is most likely veterans in the game may well exceed this, having played league for thousands of days.


If you would like to know how much money you have spent in League of Legends, all you require to do is follow this web link. Here you check in and also obtain the equilibrium of your spent cash in your existing region– This is a Trouble assistance link, so all the information is precise and just you can access it through your account.


While in knowledge, discovering the amount of time you have spent playing League of Legends might appear high, for a lot of, averaging it out is excusable. Thinking the ordinary player has only played for 2 years, that’s just about two video games a day.

Yet, you may assume “How much time I spent on LoL and also I have not attained to be a professional gamer” but this should not turn you down. There are a number of ways to put your understanding and experience to good use:.

You can register with DraftKings and utilize your knowledge to prepare a LoL dream team and win cash prizes.
You can create an Unikrn account and also make money based on your efficiency with the UMode.
You can adhere to the biggest events and bet with typical esports bookies, like, Betway, or Bet365.
Or, you can blog-up and also write LoL overviews and esports news for various other followers to check out.
As you can see, there is a lot to do with the time spent on LoL. So, take a look at your time and also figure out how much you can do with what you know.

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