The best Rimworld mods

Transform your stark frontier colony as much as 11 with these great mods

What are the best Rimworld mods? Rimworld is a colony management video game with an extremely straightforward premise– you must guarantee the survival of a ragtag number of homesteaders, each with their very own randomly created skills, backstories, and idiosyncrasies. Depending on the AI writer settings, your experience could fall anywhere between ‘wholesome farming sim’ and ‘relentless cascade of calamity’.

There are plenty of Rimworld mods out there to include extras and lifestyle tweaks to your playthroughs. Several of them are basic renovations that let you arrange your colony much better or become much more effective, some include all new auto mechanics like hygiene and children, and there are a couple of that completely transform the game by including magic or space expedition.

We recommend trying the mod-free experience first, and progressively including mods when you have actually tucked a number of vanilla Rimworld colonies under your belt, and went on emotionally from the painful tales that have emerged from your experiences. Like that time one of your ailing colonists passed away and your physician immediately fed their remains to the other patient, or when everyone obtained food poisoning on a cross back road journey and the only upright colonist, who had vouched never ever to do violence, was mauled to death by a mad squirrel.


The large majority of Rimworld mods are available from the Steam Workshop, so they can be included in your game with the easy click of a button. However, numerous of the much more difficult mods require you to install Consistency and periodically Hugslib, which are both collections that supply performance to your mods.

Your mods require to be packed in a particular order, and collection mods need to pack prior to the core video game itself, however since the Rimworld 1.1 upgrade there’s an auto-sort alternative to shuffle them into the right order.

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Some of these mods will certainly permit you to proceed playing pre-existing saves, but a lot of suggest you begin a new documents. At the time of writing, every mod on the checklist need to work with the most recent 1.3 update. Keep an eye out for mods that need the Royalty or Ideology development also.


This is an excellent first port of call if you’re wanting to attempt and experience RimWorld with friends. It’s totally compatible as much as the most recent patch and even the Royalty expansion, and can deal with other mods too.

We have actually created an extra detailed RimWorld multiplayer overview if you wish to learn more about exactly how this jobs.

the title card for the rimworld mod orion’s hospitality,.


Among our greatest complaints with earlier variations of the game was that site visitors had very little objective. They would roam into your map, remain around momentarily (generally before the turrets or out in the rain) and afterwards stray residence. Periodically investors would come however they were scarce.

Hospitality fixes this by offering you the ability to build guest rooms, to inform visitors where they can and can not go, to designate products in a location as buyable, and to enhance (or damage) your connection with an intrigue by having a person dote upon them. It includes a great deal of choices like opening up a resort where you serve colony brewed beer or having a good human trafficking ring going on.


Ever invested far excessive time revitalizing your band of beginning weirdos, trying to find somebody that understands not to hold a blade by the sharp end, or who can slapping a plaster on someone yet won’t endanger to melt your colony down? EdB Prepare Carefully lets you modify your preliminary colonists and things to develop your excellent beginning– there’s additionally an optional points restrict to prevent you from producing unjustly skilled colonists.


Fluffy’s Colony Manager enables you to appoint a manager who will automatically assign jobs to colonists in order to keep the colony stocked with wood and meat, and to handle your animals. This suggests you no longer need to keep an eye on decreasing materials, as they will certainly be covered up as soon as possible. You will, nonetheless, need to begin a new save in order to utilize this mod, as it adds a new work type to the game.


Homesteaders have rather unreasonable assumptions for the dimension of their rooms, offered they’re attempting to endure a crash touchdown rather than picking an AirBnB.

Realistic Rooms brings called for room dimensions more in line with reality, making it easier to develop compact bases without upsetting your ungrateful pawns. It’s likewise save game compatible.


Your colonists are frequently stating all sorts of strange, fascinating points to each other– which you’ll most likely miss out on, unless you’re constantly checking the social log. Thanks to Jaxe’s Interaction Bubbles, these quips and concerns will instantly appear over your homesteaders when they speak, so you’ll never ever miss out on an interaction again. It can be added or removed at any moment without breaking your save files.


Occasionally, your homesteaders aren’t so smart. They won’t transport all the active ingredients they need simultaneously, or they will cook food in an unclean room– however with Common Sense, their practices is a little bit a lot more, well, reasonable. It’s secure to install or uninstall mid game.


It’s a light that takes place the wall. Appears straightforward, yet it’s extremely helpful– sleek and unimposing, Wall Light can be put anywhere on a wall, eliminating the requirement for hideous lights that occupy space. You can also look into ‘Coloured Lights’ and turn your colony right into a garish bar.


It’s a challenging life out on the Rim, but in vanilla Rimworld, also as your colonists defend their own survival, their state of minds and opinions considerably drop if they get rained on while they’re a bit hungry, or if they have actually just been denied passionately by the same individual for the fifteenth time in a row. Yeah, that incredibly intelligent medical professional could have just saved their life after that prepared them a wonderful supper of Ibex meat and rice, however your colonists will still assail them with verbal abuse due to the fact that their face is a little wonky.

Grim Reality brings a dosage of realism to your fussy little pawns, decreasing the impact of trivial drawbacks, while additionally raising the influence of genuinely horrible incidents.


The one thing your Rimworld experience has been lacking– bathrooms. Dubs Bad Hygiene includes a hygiene system to the video game. You’ll require to develop sewage and plumbing infrastructure to maintain your homesteaders clean and waste-free. The mod likewise adds irrigation systems, hot tubs, and main home heating. It can be contributed to an existing save, but can’t be gotten rid of quickly when included.


Dylan’s Kid, School and Learning mod adds pregnancy and children to the game, though fortunately they somehow bulge as fully developed teens, which we ‘d motivate you to avoid picturing in your head. The benefit is that the kids are right away valuable. You can build blackboards and school tables where your homesteaders will show abilities to children– however they’re only efficient in finding out for one year before ending up being grownups.


The goal of Vanilla Rimworld is to build a ship and make it off the world– but Save Our Ship massively broadens the mid to late video game by letting you pilot this ship on your own. You can keep homesteaders and items on your ship and traveling to remote globes, leaving your colonies behind in the hands of allied intrigues– but you can always return and visit.

While you’re orbiting a world, you’ll come across other ships– some friendlier than others. You can also take your pets with you by developing ‘crittersleep’ pills.


The Vanilla Expanded collection is a huge collection of mods that expands the game in numerous new yet carefully well balanced directions. As they’re all made by the same team, they’re ensured to collaborate effortlessly– and with each other, they include a great deal of brand-new material, including structure mods, more furniture, increased armour and weapons, even more animals, enhanced cooking, fishing, plants, factions, and books.


A Rimworld of Magic completely revamps combat by introducing 12 magic classes and 6 fighter classes to the video game, each with their own capacities and growth trees. There are also a bunch of brand-new garments and devices choices and new occasions. While playing about with magic is quite enjoyable, some individuals alert that it’s pretty overpowered– though you can fine-tune some of the setups on your own in game to claw back a little much more challenge.


Combat Extensive changes Rimworld’s whole combat system, rebalancing armour and shields, injuries, and melee and projectile combating. The frustrating percentage-based shooting system is totally gone, changed with a ballistic model. It’s a guaranteed upgrade in all locations– with the one caution being that it needs a brand-new save, can not be removed from saves, and does not play great with various other mods.

Those are all the very best Rimworld mods we’ve found– time to load your electronic plate high with all of them simultaneously and then try to determine why your video game won’t load. We recommend examining a few at a time as they’re almost certainly not all compatible.

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