Luxury Designer Sports Equipment Worth Collecting

The COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of global disruption, forcing us to embrace a stay-at-home routine. With our movements being limited, a lot of us have had to make changes to the way we usually dress. It seems baggy t-shirts and sweatpants have become the new norm.

Even with gyms closing, fitness freaks have found other (sometimes inventive) ways to stay fit. According to the Washington Post, home exercise equipment has experienced a surge in popularity and it looks like the trend might be here to stay. Even if your waist size grew a little over the last year, and you’re dying to hit the gym again soon in person, the desire to feel and look good (even if it’s only for your pets and social media for now), is rapidly growing.

We’ve rounded up the best luxury designer sports equipment worth collecting to make sure you stand out on Instagram with your stylish gear.

Versace Barocco Print Sports Essentials

Versace has redefined workout equipment with their new renditions of Barocco print sports essentials. For sports lovers who enjoy a punt and who have a passion for leaving it all in the ring, the Barocco gold leather flower print boxing gloves should be high on your list. These gloves feature a hook and loop closure which makes them the perfect fit, especially if you’ve never delivered a sucker punch. For some weight training, try the kettlebells emblazoned with the iconic Versace motif. This Barocco kettlebell is sure to make you look as good as you feel after a session along with a two Medusa head-embossed gold weight set. What’s even better is that they are also a dazzling decorative item to be displayed in any corner of your home!

Louis Vuitton Luxury Designer Sports Equipment 

If you’re looking to keep your level of fitness as great as your fashion choices, searching for something you can rock around the house can be tricky. The race to look your best is on, and what better way to jump-start your cardio training than using the Louis Vuitton jump rope made of leather strands? Get some fresh air with their playful monogram giant volleyball that comes complete with a matching net bag. Enjoy the ultimate strength training with Louis Vuitton dumbbells featuring striking, lustrous metal and an imposing Monogram Eclipse canvas handle.

A woman striking a yoga pose while the sun is shining in the background.

Prada Yoga Mat 

Those that enjoy adding mindful yoga sessions to their training should consider the Prada yoga mat for meditative mornings, invigorating Vinyasa flows as well as difficult inversions. It’s lightweight with a striking design and soft grip, making it everything a yoga mat should be, and then some! This is exactly the kind of gear that can keep you committed to showing up. Holding long Asanas becomes simpler and more beautiful with the Prada yoga mat.

Hermès Skateboard 

Nothing makes a statement like high fashion and street art. Take the Hermes skateboard out and increase the number of followers on your social media with shots against backdrops of graffiti and urban walls. The FW17 skateboard collection illustrates the story of Hermes beyond the silk scarves and pristine leather wallets and bags. This is a blend of functional art and outdoor sports equipment that incorporates Hermès archival designs by the brand’s fabled designer Henri d’Origny. It might be too beautiful to use with its hand-painted motifs on the light beechwood, and it comes with a price tag of $4,425 so you’ll probably be cautious with those kickflips and ollies! However, it sure is nice to look at and own.

Chanel Branded Designer Sports Gear 

Combining luxury and sports gear, the famous Parisian brand has created a small collection of limited-edition items such as tennis rackets, a paddleboard, basketball and yoga equipment. Boasting a minimal design in black and white, all pieces within their range come emblazoned with Chanel’s iconic CC logo for the ultimate stamp of luxury. For the active jet-setter, these Chanel sports accessories will keep you in the height of fashion all the time; in the ocean, at the basketball court or golf course, not to mention the ski slopes!

Tiffany & Co. Everyday Objects Collection

Tiffany & Co. have added a range of everyday objects that are sure to up the look of any home or sports bag. Their range includes the beautiful bocce ball set, the leather and walnut table tennis paddles and the striking sterling silver golf tee and putter. Tiffany & Co. state that luxury doesn’t have to be formal and these items bring a playfulness to their range that is not stifled, yet remains the air of sophistication. Try the paddles to add a certain edge to an ordinary ping pong match. Crafted from leather and reclaimed American walnut, each signature blue paddle is decorated with sterling silver plaques. These lavish editions to their range make it tempting to add a dose of luxury into everyday hobbies.

Saint Laurent x Wilson Tennis Racket

Serve it up in style as tennis becomes even more fashionable, with French luxury fashion house, YSL, teaming up with a famous tennis brand like Wilson for the ultimate game, set and match. Saint Laurent’s Checkered match point capsule includes an all-white 3-ball tennis ball set and a tennis racquet decked out with a black and white checkerboard pattern complete with a matching racquet cover. This collection is the latest “Rive Droite” capsule, which is Saint Laurent’s newest creative and cultural store, with only two Rive Droite locations: Paris and Los Angeles. The Wilson products are arguably some of the best pieces from their five-piece capsule and will definitely bring a sense of elegance and style to any court.

Supreme x S&M Bikes: 1995 BMX Dirt Bike 

The 1995 BMX Dirt Bike is inspired by the ‘90s BMX style and as part of Supreme’s SS20 collection. Constructed by S&M in California, it’s not only dressed in the iconic red finish Supreme logo but it’s also covered in signature graphics on the frame and has silver handlebars in true ’90s style. The badge, gyro, seat post, cranks, sprocket, pedals, chain and wheels are all presented in silver, with a final touch of red on the grips. A black seat and traditional two-tone jumping tires round off the look. Old school meets new technology in this retro revival of a BMX dirt bike!

Berluti Leather Helmet 

If you’re after an uber-cool statement piece that marries protective gear and fashion, check out the Berluti Leather Helmet. In a retro revival era, it doesn’t come as a surprise that motorcycle helmets have been masterfully retouched by a fashion brand. Just imagine hitting the road wearing a perfectly crafted leather helmet collab from Berluti and British helmet maker Veldt. This extraordinary helmet features a protective carbon fiber, glossy black finish shell and is complemented by Venezia-leather accents.

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