14 Best Luxury Travel Destinations

Whether looking for the best luxury travel destinations in the world or wishing to go somewhere slightly off the beaten path, there are plenty of places you can entertain in a fantastic luxury experience. 

From the emerald-green waters of Seychelles to the sleek skyscrapers of Dubai, you will indeed discover at least one holiday that fulfills your interest (and likely several!).

These are the 14 top luxury getaways you shouldn’t miss. 

1. Bora Bora 

Pacotes de férias em Bora Bora a partir de 2 189 € – Pesquisa voos e hotéis  na KAYAK

“Welcome to the fantasy of a nostalgic island with the highest perfectional charm”- This is how the views of Bora Bora seduce you for a luxurious holiday. 

A region of French Polynesia, this mystical island has a few of the most lovely vistas to behold- a tropical island enclosed by the fantastic coral reefs and blue lagoon, accompanied by small islets (Motus) spread over Bora Bora.

Crowned by the blue lagoon, Bora Bora is a divine utopia for visitors longing for a leisure holiday amid natural charm and, not to forget, newlyweds, searching for a private romantic location for honeymooning. 

If you think Bora Bora is only for a luxurious getaway and some sun-soaking, you are entirely correct, NOT. Bora Bora has much more to provide besides indulging in beach-side resorts and water.

2. Maldives

Soneva Jani, the Maldives' most well-known resort -

The Maldives is an archipelagic state famous for its pristine white sandy beaches, luxurious water villas, crystalline lagoons, blooming reef fishes, and palm-fringed islands. 

A tropical paradise, Maldives is found in the south of Sri Lanka and is perfect for a honeymoon, adventure, or leisure break.

The pristine charm of this archipelago can be determined by its sky-blue waves hitting against the shore with an alluring noise and a lovely school of reef sharks, manta rays, and corals magnifying its aquatic world.

Floating on peaceful ocean waters, this island country makes for the ideal escape for leisure solicitors off from the mess and stress of city life.

The dry season is the perfect time to explore the Maldives, which is excellent for enjoying sunbathing, water sports, and street shopping. 

3. Paris

Luxury Hotels In Paris | Paris Hotels | Times of India Travel

Paris, the city of romance, is the most toured destination on the earth. Traveled by over 20 million visitors, this French capital houses a few of the most iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower, several happening boulevards, museums like the Louvre, and many artistic gems. 

Tourists from every corner of the world explore Paris to sense the magical and fantastic vibe it radiates out, and the lovely culture here can beat you with just one tour.

It is also popularly known as the “Fashion Capital of the World” and organizes several fashion events yearly. The city stays at the forefront of global trends, and many selected boutiques and shops are a definitive part of any holiday.

Also, the city is home to many world-renowned Michelin Star restaurants and some cozy cafes. So if you are a foodie, Paris will not disappoint you. 

4. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter | Private Luxury Yacht Rentals Around Italy

Established in the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast in Italy has extensively been recognized for its natural charm and wonderful seaside towns. During the golden era of Hollywood, it was a preferred holiday location for famous movie celebrities.

Whether searching for some peaceful leisure, wanting something more adventurous, or itching for some fresh seafood, Amalfi Coast is among the finest luxurious vacation places you can hope for.

Days here are spent drinking wine, eating Italian food, and strolling over cheerful cobblestone lanes. 

13 towns along the cliffside offer hiking tracks and a feel of friendly culture, while beaches offer the white stretches of sand ideal for a panoramic lounge.

Watch over from a lavish hotel and wonder at the scenery– expansive cliffs, the deep blue sea, and green trees. Amalfi Coast is indeed a fabulous escape for everyone.

5. Las Vegas 

Palazzo Las Vegas | Las Vegas Holidays | Pure Destinations

Las Vegas is among the best luxury travel destinations worldwide as there are many traveler locations in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is believed to be the most vibrant city on the earth. If you’re planning to go on a tour with your friends, then Las Vegas is the perfect stop. 

You can perform many activities here and also relish the fantastic nightlife. The city comes alive at night, and is entirely lit with lights, and you can enjoy the stunning picturesque view and gape at its charm from several locations in the city. 

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The casinos are the city’s pride and constitute most of the city’s economy. Most visitors come to Las Vegas only to enjoy the casinos here.

It is not only about nightlife and activities, the city has some incredible monuments and structures as well. The Stratosphere Tower is the most elevated in the USA and is a significant visitor draw. 

Las Vegas is probably on every person’s itinerary, and desire to explore the city at least once in their lifetime.

6. Belize

The Best Luxury Villas & Handpicked Private Rentals | Mr & Mrs Smith
Cayo Espanto – San Pedro, Belize

This country in Central America has an exciting blend of cultures. Although English is the primary language, Spanish and Creole are both spoken in specific areas.

There are plenty of natural draws, including lush forests and the Great Blue Hole, named by Jacques Cousteau as among the best diving places on the earth. 

The Great Blue Hole is measured about 407 ft in depth and stretches around 980 ft in width, and it’s so massive that you can spot it wonderfully from above. The old Mayan temples of Belize are also a must-visit.

Ecotourism is famous here, and some gorgeous hotels and private villas are settled over the island. Belize indeed deserves a place in the list of best luxury travel destinations.

7. Mexico

Luxury Mexico Beach Resort | Viceroy Riviera Maya
Viceroy Riviera Maya – Mexico

Mexico, one of the best luxury travel destinations, is tough to beat with white-sand beaches, remarkable ruins, and warm locals. 

Constantly boosting its tourism game, Mexico’s relaxed charm means you will discover countless gems when looking for a no-expense-spared adventure. 

Plenty of options with coastline, you can go for the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, the buzz of Cancun, the sandy beaches of the Mayan ruins or Riviera Maya, and the wellness retreats of Tulum.

Mexico is also a land that is wealthy in flora and fauna as it stretches over the climate zones, which encompass everything from arid forests to dense tropical forests.  

Swim-up suites, seaside spas, tribe visits, traditional temazcal treatments, infinity pools, and swimming in cenotes — you can enjoy it all in Mexico.

8. New York

Sofitel New York, New York City, Nova York
Sofitel New York, New York City, Nova York

A classical global center that has enlightened the world with its bright architecture, art, and films. 

Also called the Big Apple, New York is famous for its majestic skyscrapers, attractive landmarks, and Broadway shows, making it the ideal destination for visitors worldwide.

From the dazzling neon lights, the lovely chaos of Times Square, the verdant ways of Central Park, and the skyscrapers of Wall Street, New York City never stops to surprise with its vibrancy and energy. 

Remarkable world heritage places like the Statue of Liberty and World-class exhibition halls like MoMA are simply beautiful and should be your top preference when exploring. 

Correctly nicknamed ‘The city that never sleeps,’ it’s renowned for its luxury nightlife – full of fashion, music, and life. Words can’t define the special aura the city emits, and you need to be there to encounter it. So head to this fantastic city and get ready to fall in love with it.

9. London 

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park review | Tatler
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park – London

Sitting on the Thames River, London is the most populous city in Great Britain and is the capital of England. The city is a blend of the new and the old and is among the most significant luxurious visitor destinations globally. 

It is a city with multiple draws of all kinds, including superb architecture and heritage.

London is created of two old cities that are now combined to form the capital. The City of Westminster and the city of London are the two cities, and together, they are called Greater London. 

London draws around 15.3 million international travelers every year. The multiple attractions in the city like Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster’s Abbey, Houses of Parliament, and Nelson’s Column attract many tourists. 

The Shard is the most elevated building in the city. London’s art galleries and museums preserve the culture and heritage of the vibrant historic city. There are also many parks in the city for the visitors to walk and rest.

10. Norway

Energy-positive' Svart hotel reveals spa vision for 2022 opening
Luxury hotel Svart (Black) 

This lovely country is likely among Scandinavia’s best luxury travel locations, containing phenomenal lakes, mountains, massive glaciers, and deep-water fjords. 

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Also called the “land of the midnight sun,” Norway is famous for the mystical wonder of the northern lights. The sparkling waves of lights during midnight in the form of “lights” have drawn hordes of visitors towards it from every corner of earth.

Carrying you to the center of the Aurora province, the city of Tromsø is among the most well-known lures of Norway. From here, you can look at the stunning view painted in the skies by auroras. 

Spots like Lynjenfjord, Lofoten Islands, and Alta are also popular to provide multiple lovely vistas and draw countless visitors worldwide. 

From camping all night to relishing the captivating splendor of the Northern Lights, you can enjoy numerous activities in Norway. Oslo, the Capital of Norway, further houses multiple worth-visiting places and attractions, trips of which can be done easily.

11. Hawaii

Another one of the best luxury travel destinations is Hawaii, particularly the serene town of Hana. Hawaii is a scenic volcanic island and a state in the US that is famous for its picturesque landscapes and beaches with golden, black, and red sands. 

There are multiple famous coasts on this island. Honolulu is the capital, and this state is renowned for its natural charm.

It is an island that contains a fresh and floral aura. You can rest under the sun umbrella, experience sunbathing at the beaches, sip tropical beverages, and get a look at the local culture of this location. 

There are sea activities, sports, cuisine, and romantic escapes that these islands are known for.

Hotels here provide luxurious guests suites, apartments, bungalows, and family residences with sea vistas and a private lanai. Interestingly, most rooms are designed without TVs, clocks, and radios to help you fully relax.  

12. Bali

Bali is an ideal option for the more typical destinations for a luxurious vacation in Indonesia. 

With plenty of nature, Bali is renowned for its fascinating arts, including modern and traditional dance forms, vivid paintings, exquisite sculptures, stunning metalworking, excellent leather, and fantastic music. 

It has some smaller but impressive islands like Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan, which are packed with complete adventure.

You can find serenity and tranquility in temples like Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and Uluwatu Temple. Mountains like Mount Agung promises to offer a strenuous hike and an incredible sunrise. 

Balinese food is outstanding, and you shouldn’t miss the authentic cuisine Bali has to provide. You can try these fantastic foods at fabulous restaurants like Fair Warung Bale, Who’s Who, Club Med Bali, and more.

And after getting exhausted from all of these, you can rest in one of the most fantastic beach resorts. Not to mention, Bali is famous worldwide for its warm hospitality.

13. Dubai

With its grand architecture, stunning skylines, and massive shopping malls, Dubai has emerged among the most recognizable luxurious destinations globally. 

One of the most developed places in the Middle East, Dubai also houses the prominent Burj Khalifa, the tallest artificial building worldwide. 

Dubai houses some of the most luxurious hotels, shopping malls, shimmering skyscrapers, charming infrastructure, and restaurants. 

Studded with vibrant nightclubs, late-night eateries, and bars in Dubai, the city has choices like Barsati bar, Toro Toro, Gaucho, Kasbar, hard rock cafe, and many more.

Dubai will indeed conquer you with its blend of futuristic wonder and old Arabian ambiance.

14. Seychelles

It’s not difficult to notice why this archipelago located off the coast of Tanzania is a favorite with the rich and popular. Seychelles comprises about 115 islands and is all about scenic white beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and clear turquoise waters. 

La Digue, Praslin, and Mahe are the three most well-known attractions where many visitors flock. However, don’t miss out on witnessing the Seychelles Creole cuisine and its capital Victoria. 

Aside from these, explore the awe-inspiring Morne Seychellois National Park, the prominent Bird Island, Curieuse Island, and the Anse Lazio, famous for its soft golden sand and hiking track.

It is an ideal location for solo as well as a family tour or enjoying the vacation with friends; the area will offer you something every time.

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