Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans

Our Mortgage Process
When you are buying a house, refinancing the camera you’ve or even wish to read much more about the way mortgages function, we wish to ensure you’ve all of the drills you are needing. That is the reason we offer customer service, education, and technology to support you with the mortgage progression – from using, to becoming approved, to controlling the loan of yours.

Here is the way in which the mortgage procedure of ours functions, and what you are able to expect from us.

1. Apply for a Home Loan

Learn what loan type is actually appropriate for you with Rocket Mortgage®, our quick, protected, totally internet method to use for a mortgage. In the event you do not wish to function online, respond to a couple of quick questions as well as a Home Loan Expert will speak to you.

The way We Make It Easier
Utilize the way you want: job online, conversation to a Home Loan Expert, or perhaps the two.
Import the monetary info of yours so you easily get correct and verified figures.

2. Explore The Options of yours

We will fit the monetary circumstance of yours as well as objectives with the very best loan choices for you. We will evaluate as well as explain the expenses, advantages and fees of every loan alternative which means you are able to choose which you are best for you.

Discover What Fits The Budget of yours
Make use of our internet calculators to support you select a loan choice.
Investigate your refinance choices.
Investigate the order mortgage choices of yours.

3. Verify The Information of yours

We will check to ensure the info of yours is actually right. One of the ways we do this’s by going over the bank account of yours as well as tax info. We likewise reach out to third parties including the employer of yours and insurance agent to get information from their website.

The way We Make Verification Easy
Import the monetary information on the internet of yours so you do not need to hassle with locating and transmitting in paper documents.
Real-time revisions are going to keep your loan moving fast.

4. Close Your Home Loan

In close proximity your home loan whenever you wish, the place you wish – as well as plan it just online. The method of ours not merely will help you remain educated, but likewise helps by going for the speed of yours. We will supply you assistance and files early, which means you fully grasp the information about the closing costs of yours as well as loan terms just before you sign.

What We Offer
Pick where and when you wish to shut the loan of yours.
Our one-of-a-kind Rocket loan® verification system guarantees the underwriting of the home loan of yours is as fast as they can. Having you in the dream house of yours or even supporting you recognize the importance of your refinance.
Utilize online tools to get the mortgage document of yours just before closing.

5. Manage Your Home Loan

We service ninety nine % of the loans of ours, so we are able to present you with the exact same wonderful system once the loan of yours is actually shut. This means that until finally the day time you pay off of the loan of yours, we will deal with such things as collecting month payments, maintaining the documents of yours and providing easy-to-understand and timely revisions.

Servicing with Us Make fee free payments on the mortgage of yours, which includes biweekly, automatic, and one-time payments.
Try to get access that is easy to your insurance as well as tax info.
We will offer mortgage guidance as well as alternatives to support you as the needs change of yours, or even in case you confront a hardship.


Quicken Loans Reviews

  • ConsumerAffair – 2.6/5 – Based on 303 ratings submitted in the last year see here.
  • NerdWallet – 4.5/5 – NerdWallet rating here.
  • Truspilot – 4.5/5 – Reviews 16,252 See here.

Quicken Loans Rates


Today’s Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates change daily based on the market. Here are today’s mortgage rates. See here.

Loan Option Rate/APR 1 Day Rate/APR Change 1 Year Rate/APR Change
30-Year Fixed * 3.25% / 3.48% 0.125%  / 0.097% 0.625%  / 0.876%
15-Year Fixed * 2.75% / 3.178% 0.125%  / 0.09% 0.625%  / 0.758%
FHA 30-Year Fixed * 3.875% / 4.905% 0%  / 0.024% 0.25%  / 0.007%
VA 30-Year Fixed * 3.99% / 4.457% 0.24%  / 0.247% 0.49%  / 0.572%

These rates are current as of 12:28 PM EDT on August 25, 2020

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