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History of Nike Inc.

Early Days: Blue Ribbon Sports (1964-1971)

1964: University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight imports Onitsuka Tiger shoes from Japan, starting “Blue Ribbon Sports.”
1967: Knight’s coach Bill Bowerman experiments with shoe designs in his kitchen, crafting the first waffle sole using his wife’s waffle iron.
Birth of Nike and the Swoosh (1971-1980)

1971: The company adopts the name “Nike,” inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. Carolyn Davidson creates the iconic swoosh logo for $35.
1972: Nike introduces the Cortez, its first independent shoe design, breaking from being solely a distributor.
1979: The revolutionary Nike Air Tailwind, featuring the first encapsulated air cushioning technology, is launched.
Taking Flight with Innovation and Endorsements (1980-1990)

1980: Nike goes public, raising capital for further expansion.
1984: Nike signs young basketball player Michael Jordan, leading to the iconic Air Jordan shoe series and transforming sports marketing.
1987: The “Just Do It” campaign launches, becoming one of the most successful marketing slogans ever.
1988: Nike enters the global market by acquiring Converse.
Global Domination and Beyond (1990-Present)

1990s: Nike expands its athletic apparel offerings and sponsors high-profile athletes and teams across various sports.
2000s: Nike continues to innovate with new technologies like Flyknit and Free, solidifying its position as a leader in performance footwear.
2010s-Present: Nike faces challenges like labor concerns and competition, but remains a powerful force, focusing on sustainability and social impact initiatives.
This summarizes Nike’s remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to a global powerhouse. Their dedication to innovation, athlete endorsement, and impactful marketing campaigns, all rooted in a passion for sport, has propelled them to the forefront of the athletic wear industry.

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