The 8 Best Car Bike Racks

Because public-transit usage has dropped during the pandemic, 2 approaches of transport have actually ended up being a lot more prominent: automobiles and bikes. And also sometimes, you require to place your car on your bike. For that, we’ve assembled the most effective vehicle bike racks, as praised by the most passionate customers on (If you need a bike, here are the best commuter bikes, the best cruiser bikes, and, certainly, the very best bike safety helmets.).

Best-rated (and least-expensive) car bike rack

#1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack : Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R ,  Black : Sports & Outdoors
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack.
$ 32.
$ 60 now 47% off.
4.5 celebrities, 17,106 evaluations.
A lot of customers enjoy Allen Sports’ automobile bike racks– as well as the brand appears quite a few times throughout this message– yet among every one of its well-reviewed products, this two-bike trunk mount rack gets the most commend, with over 11,000 luxury testimonials. “You can not do much better! There is no bike rack around that is of this high quality for this cost,” composes one reviewer who values that it’s “well built, simple to set up, as well as I feel confident that it’s going to keep my bike safe and secure.” Another customer also values the ease of having the ability to fold up the rack up and “maintain it in my trunk for whenever I need it. No need to install anything irreversible on the car.” As well as this bike rack can go fars away without any issues. One bicyclist drove “11 states, 3,000 miles, and also 7 days” with their bike strapped to the back and also calls it “the best bike rack I have ever owned! I was a bit hesitant at first due to the low-cost cost, however it deserves every dime.”.

Ideal vehicle bike rack for 2 bikes.

#2. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack. : Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 1-Bike Trunk Mount Rack,  Model MT1-B, Gray powder coated : Sports & Outdoors
Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack.

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack.
$ 59.
4.2 celebrities, 4,446 reviews.
Most of reviewers provide this bike rack 5 star for 2 factors: It’s easy to use, as well as it’s extremely compact. One customer who purchased this for a journey to Reno, Nevada, where they prepared to rent bikes with a close friend, was happy to locate that “the rack unfolds from a super-compact kind that makes it simple to take a trip with (I place it in my luggage that I checked on the aircraft).” It’s so little and also simple to set up, in fact, that one customer claims, “It’s mosting likely to be tough for you to believe that your bike will certainly be safe LOL.” However despite their uncertainty, “it worked like a beauty” on their cross-country journey. And although it’s not that huge, it’s designed to fit two bikes– and according to one customer, this is “by far the easiest and also easiest design to safeguard onto the back of an SUV. We recently drove over 700 miles on highways, holes, and dust roadways in New England. The bikes remained entirely protected.”.

Ideal vehicle bike rack for 3 bikes.

#3. Allen Sports Three-Bike Hitch Rack Deluxe. Allen Sports Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack, Model 532RR-R
Allen Sports Three-Bike Hitch Rack Deluxe.

Allen Sports Three-Bike Hitch Rack Deluxe.
$ 119.
$ 150 currently 21% off.
4.5 celebrities, 3,046 testimonials.
Like the best-rated Allen Sports vehicle bike rack, this three-bike rack affixes to a vehicle’s hitch, making it a preferred among SUV-driving family members. One moms and dad of a self-described “weekend-biking-outings-for-fun household” says this rack is easy to construct and all three bikes “remain protected and don’t crash the vehicle. I was additionally a little unconvinced concerning the ‘lift-gate gain access to,’ however my hatch had lots of clearance when I had the rack slanted out.” As a result of the rack’s hitch pins, numerous clients agree that it easily folds up outward in order to open up a car’s back hatch. “It likewise folds up so perfectly that I can easily store it in my SUV when traveling and also in my garage when not,” says one customer, that formerly had a much more expensive name-brand car-hitch bike carrier yet calls this much easier to utilize. The “no wobble” screw is another favored feature among customers, including one moms and dad who mounted two adult bikes as well as one youngster’s bike to the rack for a 2,200-mile trip and “had no concerns in any way. Bike rack and also the bikes were safe, no movement, no rattles.”.

$ 119 AT AMAZON.

Ideal car bike rack for 4 bikes.

#4. Allen Sports Deluxe Four-Bike Trunk-Mount Rack. : Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 104DB-R ,  Black : Sports & Outdoors
Allen Sports Deluxe Four-Bike Trunk-Mount Rack.

Allen Sports Deluxe Four-Bike Trunk-Mount Rack.
4.3 stars, 396 testimonials.
$ 110.
Like the best-rated, more economical car bike rack from Allen Sports, this bike rack mounts to a vehicle’s trunk, as well as many customers claim it has endured long journeys and also rough dirt roads– all with four bikes locked on. “I’ve driven 30 miles on freeways at 65 miles per hour as well as up winding mountain roads, no concerns,” states one consumer who uses this rack to deliver their much heavier mountain bicycle almost everywhere. Another drove “over harsh dirt roadways, and all the bikes stayed right in position. It fasts and very easy to load as well as unload,” they add, explaining the bike as “strong.” Actually, greater than a couple of reviewers say this rack is “solid” as well as “durable,” consisting of one who drove cross-country “over winding mountain passes [and also] bumpy dust roadways” with their bikes and claims this rack “never ever failed us” regardless of lots of loading and also discharging. One client was even in a car accident (the good news is, “every person is all right”) while driving with four bikes attached to this rack: “They really did not move” in any way.


Finest hitch-mount automobile bike rack.

#5. BV Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier.

BV Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier.
$ 200.
4.5 stars, 1,131 reviews.
Reviewers value that this hitch-mounted automobile bike rack is quickly foldable as well as tiltable, enabling them to access their trunks even while the bikes are loaded up. One customer, that drove across the Midwest with their 2 little kids and typically had to “dig in the trunk of the vehicle for failed to remember items in their traveling bags,” says, “We were regularly turning it with two bikes mounted on it. It was simple, and also we had no problems accessing every little thing we needed without disrupting the bikes.” And also, given that hitch racks are hefty by design– this is 70 extra pounds– in order to stand up to the bike’s weight, this rack’s foldability makes it possible for clients to handle it a lot more conveniently once it’s attached. One 65-year-old customer says she was grateful not to “wrestle it off every time I needed to enter my SUV. I constructed it by myself after studying the instructions awhile. It was pretty straightforward, truly.” Over 150 various other luxury customers note this rack’s ease of assembly and also usage, consisting of one whose 7-year-old placed it with each other “in concerning thirty minutes.” They claim it has actually given that withstood 6,000 miles of driving with four bikes affixed.


Best spare-tire automobile bike rack.

#6. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack.

$ 88.
4.5 stars, 1,554 testimonials.
Although a hitch-mounted automobile bike rack frequently leaves room for a spare tire, some do not, and– as reviewers note– some SUVs with an outside spare tire do not have a trailer hitch, which is where this spare-tire bike rack can be found in convenient. One customer claims their 2004 Honda CRV has a setup that excludes most bike-rack choices, however neither: “I am specifically satisfied with its durable building and construction, straightforward operation, and secure efficiency. It clamps perfectly over the spare tire– despite having the tire cover left on– so on and off is not a battle,” they claim, adding that after many flights on bumpy country roads it still “trips steady uncreative.” One more, who drove their Jeep 700 miles from Tennessee to Florida, says that bike racks jump on their vehicle’s hitch mount however that this model “does not relocate an inch.” “This rack is among the best bike-related acquisitions I’ve made besides my bike,” they include. Many various other customers say this bike rack is a strong, deserving investment, consisting of an initially unconvinced consumer who had doubts regarding its stability, provided the low price factor, however claims it “did hold one’s ground an inch on freeways and also rough roadways from Colorado to Washington State as well as back!”.


Best car-roof bike rack.

#7. Swagman Upright Roof Mount Bike Rack.

Swagman Upright Roof Mount Bike Rack.
$ 52 now 21% off.
4.2 celebrities, 1,449 evaluations.
$ 41.
Plenty of five-star customers have actually placed this Swagman car-roof bike rack to the examination by utilizing it on long drives and also trip, consisting of one biker that “drove from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles without troubles in any way.” And another reviewer, who got 2 for a cross-country camping trip, “Can not believe just how well they did. 6,344 miles– and also most of them on really rough roads– as well as the bikes constantly sat tight. I never ever stressed over them coming loose. Examined them regularly if I had not gotten rid of the bikes for a while, and also whatever was constantly limited.” As well as considering that this bike rack is simply under $50, numerous customers discuss just how wonderful of a worth this is. Summarized by one reviewer who uses these for their kids’ bikes: “Why invest hundreds on other roof racks? Have had this for a couple of months, and it’s been terrific. Bikes are safe and secure and also feel very sturdy on the rack.”.


Ideal vehicle bike rack with incorporated locks.

#8. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack.

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack.
4.6 celebrities, 680 testimonials.
From $750.
Reviewers of this rack kept claiming “you obtain what you spend for,” describing the steeper cost point. Most of them took place to explain the multiple functions that put this rack over others in their minds. One customer, that started his testimonial by claiming that he made a decision to buy it based upon video evaluations, had this to state. “Integrated bike locks and attachment technique is a substantial improvement to other bike racks. Holds tools company. Our bikes aren’t economical and also it’s much better to hold carbon framework bikes by wheels than framework. The fact that it folds up not only up but a little down to obtain gear from vehicle bed/trunk makes it very hassle-free. If you want to acquire something that’s lasts and also just once go this course, you won’t be dissatisfied.” And also a female who would or else worry about leaving her bikes on the rack while parked stated this. “A+ worth the cost for this top quality. I drove 3,000 miles across the country as well as my bikes didn’t relocate! Got my trailer hitch from U-Haul. I enjoy that it comes with a pull out wire lock. It’s not very long yet it works as well as gave me piece of mind when car park at random towns as well as resorts. It’s extremely fast to place bikes on and off!”.


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