The 7 Best Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Combo

The homes we live in are sanctuary -a fact that was made clear to many people in the past year when they were forced to be spending all day there. However, your indoor air might be dirtier than you imagine, and this could be making you uncomfortable inside your home, or even making you sick.

There are some options you can take to aid in the process and some devices you could purchase, such as an air purifier or humidifier and dehumidifier. They’re not cheap therefore you do not have to shell out cost of anything if don’t have any issues with your indoor air quality. These are tools you could consider and not essentials. While their names are clear but it’s not always straightforward to know which one is necessary in your house. We spoke to experts and read reports from research and tested a few items. Here’s what we discovered and the advice we give.

What’s the Problem With Indoor Air?

The air is, unfortunately, dirty. It is usually stuffed with dirt; pet dander; outdoor pollutants, such as wildfire smoke, depending the location you live in and formaldehyde that can originate from furniture made of wood; and particles. The air you breathe indoor air can also include several VOCs, which are volatile organic substances. But, they’re not necessarily a health risk, they’re just certain ones that are, and they will differ from one house to the next.

According to the World Health Organization estimates that 9/10 sufferers are subjected to air pollution that can increase their risk of contracting a variety of illnesses which include cancer, and heart disease.

How to Test Your Air

Air quality tests are the easiest way to find out about the quality of your home’s air. Siegel says that these devices can help users observe the relative reactions to their actions. For instance, the amount of particles that are in the air increases when you’re cleaning however, if you open the windows while you’re cleaning, it will drop. This is the same when cooking while the range hood is either on or off. A indoor air quality device should demonstrate this live that can help you develop more effective habits. It’s not perfect, but there is no way to know everything there is within the air. (“It’s really a long list of pollutants,” Siegel says of the quantity of pollutants that we breathe in. “We don’t actually know all of them.”) However, such devices are an excellent starting point

If you’re on the go, take a look at our top picks:

What Are Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combos?

Let’s begin by dehumidifying the element.

A dehumidifier can be described as a household appliance that can help you keep a proper level of humidity in your home.

Zero humidity is harmful to your home and you – especially for items like furniture made of wood.

The excess humidity is also harmful and in reality, too much humidity can encourage the development of mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

A dehumidifier will help you keep your ideal humidity between 30 to 50 percent.

Air purifiers do the basic but crucial task of removing pollutants, impurities and other irritating and harmful contaminants from air within your home.

There are numerous kinds of air purifying technology However, when it concerns air purifier dehumidifier combos, you’re not likely to discover anything else than a physical filter media to aid in air cleaning.

If you haven’t already realized, in most instances, dehumidifiers as well as air purifiers are completely separate appliances.

For dehumidifier air purifier combos, you’re getting 2 in 1 unit that dehumidifies as well as purifies.

This is ideal for those seeking to make space in their home or for those who need two devices but don’t wish to buy several appliances.

They can also be particularly helpful for those with allergies since dehumidifiers as well as air purifiers can each be beneficial in this space. With these gadgets you’ll have the most effective of both.

How do Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combos Work?

To fully grasp of how these devices function and function, let it be one feature at a moment

Air Purifiers

Although there are kinds of air purifiers on the market If you’re looking on the perfect air purifier / dehumidifier combo there is a good chance that you’ll encounter particle filters that are used for their air purifying function.

The fundamentals for particle filters are straightforward to understand: air is forced through an extremely fine filter, and harmful particles are entrapped.

Its clean air is then recirculated to the house, and you’re breathing easier!


Dehumidifiers function by one of two methods either through refrigeration or absorption.


Warm air is then sucked into the machine and quickly cool.

When the air is cold and cold, it’s unable to hold in water, so the moisture that is in the air becomes condensed and changes into liquid, settling into a tray for collection.

This air is then redirected back to the room, completely free of humidity!


The process works by taking the moisture out from the air.

Air is brought into the dehumidifier through an duct and then transported by a huge wheel that is made of a substance which is able to absorb water.

This is the process that removes the humidity.

It is then dried with the heating elements of an electrical circuit and then the heated, wet air is blown out by the conduit.

When you combine these two capabilities, the particle filtration occurs immediately prior to or following or after the dehumidification process, so the air is clean from humidity or airborne pollutants.

There are three main types of dehumidifiers:

1. Peltier / Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

The smaller-sized dehumidifiers utilize static Peltier (thermoelectric) technology to dry the air. In essence, air passes over a warmer side of the sink. The moisture is absorbed into droplets before dripping into the water tank or pan.

This kind of dehumidifier performs best in humid and warm conditions.

2. Compressor / Refrigerant Dehumidifier

The high-capacity dehumidifiers utilize refrigerants as well as a compressor similar to refrigerators. As the humid air flows over the cold cooling coil as well as fins the moisture condensed, then drips down into the reservoir.

The compressor dehumidifier isn’t able to be used in temperatures lower than (normally at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius). When temperatures drop below this point the accumulation of frost begins on the coils that evaporate.

3. Desiccant / Sorbent Dehumidifiers

In contrast to the Peltier or Compressor dehumidifiers Desiccant dehumidifiers are able to operate in virtually any weather conditions. The type of dehumidifier that is used uses desiccant (sorbent) substance like silica gel to draw moisture out of the air. After it absorbs the moisture onto its rotating disk the hot stream of air takes the moisture away from the rotating rotor.

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

No, a dehumidifier doesn’t cool a room. Like an air conditioner, there’s no heat pumping features within dehumidifiers to take the heat from the space. Both the hot and cold coils remain in the same spot and cancel each one. Therefore, it is the case that room temperature remains the same.

The compressor motor releases heat energy , which could increase the room temperature little.

However, desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to use heating elements as part of the dehumidification process. This type of dehumidifier boosts the room temperature.

What Do You Look For In The Best Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combos?

The gadgets don’t differ too much in terms of the technology they use however there are certain features that distinguish those that are good from those that are less than stellar ones! Pay attention to these features if you’re trying to identify one of the best dehumidifier air purifier combo gadgets.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA Filters are thought to be the standard for air filtering. This type of filter is based on the principles of particle filtration that were mentioned previously.

There are a variety of types of HEPA filtering available inside dehumidifier air purifier combo.

Standard True HEPA is referred to as H11 or H12. If you find devices that offer H13, this would be classified as medical grade although it does not technically qualify as medical but it offers the highest quality of filtering.

The top air purifiers are able to eliminate more than 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns!

Quiet Operation

Since there are two distinct functions running inside this unit, it may discover that a combination device is more loud than a dehumidifier that is a standalone unit or an air purifier.

In this light it is important to find a high-quality quiet, comfortable model is a smart idea.

Sturdy Construction

There’s plenty happening inside this gadget, and you’ll need to ensure the fit and quality are top-quality, particularly as you’ll have to take it apart often to empty your water tank.

A low-quality device will leak, and that’s something you should avoid.

Large Reservoir

Keep in mind that the dehumidifier needs to be cleaned often.

The bigger your tank is, less frequently you’ll be required to complete this vital task.

The most reliable devices come with the feature of an automatic shut off when the reservoir is empty This is essential for security, if fail to keep track of when to empty it, you won’t be benefitting from the dehumidifier.

Operating Costs and Maintenance

The first step is to consider the estimated lifespan of the filter as well as the cost and ease of getting it.

Do you have the commitment to alter the filter in accordance with the suggestions?

Are you satisfied with the expense of replacing filters?

Are replacement filters available?

If all 3 answers are true, then that item should be on your list of priorities.

Furthermore to that, the air purifier and dehumidifier air purifier combo with the lowest energy consumption can help keep your electricity bills low also. This is particularly important in the event that you intend to use the device for long periods of time.

List of The 7 Best Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Combo:

1 Tenergy Sorbi Dehumidifier and HEPA Air Purifier

Top Five Affordable Air Purifier Dehumidifier Combination Units | What is  the Best Air Purifier I Can Buy? – Air Purifiers
Tenergy Sorbi Dehumidifier and HEPA Air Purifier

Are you searching for an affordable dehumidifier and air purifier combo for your home? It’s the Tenergy SorbiAir Dehumidifier equipped with an air purifying feature is exactly what you’re looking for. It eliminates the moisture that comes from humid, warm environments and can make the living space more comfortable.

Here are the features of it:

Efficient True HEPA Filtration

Its dehumidifier and air purifier combo includes an HEPA filter. It is able to capture 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. This includes pollens, dust particles pet dander, lint, and many more. By trapping microparticles, the filter improves air quality and reducesasthma attacks and allergies.

The device has an indicator for replacement of the filter that flashes orange to remind you that it’s time for replacement of the HEPA filter. It’s recommended to take care to replace your HEPA filter each six-month period.

Compact Dehumidifier

This 2-in-1 device utilizes Peltier technology and the HEPA filtering system. The technology utilizes its thermoelectric effects to transform electricity into the form of a temperature change. In this way the cleaner is able to remove the humidity by removing an area on the outside of the heater.

Ideal for areas with high humidity within the home, such as basements, it can help minimize the growth of mildew and mold. The presence of mold can cause wheezing, irritation as well as chest discomfort. In reducing the humidity within your residence, the system helps improve the indoor air quality in your home.

The dehumidifier comes with one liter of removable water tank capable of removing daily 750ml. If the tank is filled it will display it will flash red “Water Tank LED” indicator will blink red.

To cleanse the device, turn off the device and disconnect your power cable. Take out your water tank, fill it with warm water, seasoned with vinegar. Let the mixture sit over 3 to 5 mins. Then, empty the tank, and wash it with water.

Use a soft, moist cloth to remove dust from the unit.

Moisture removal capacity: 750 ml per day maximum.

Water tank size: 1 liter.

Cost of replacement filter: ~ $12 for the HEPA filter, 6 months usage ( check current cost of filter).

Pros & Cons:


Two-in-1 compact dehumidifier and air purifier

Indicators are used to indicate water tank and HEPA filter


Easy to wash

Sleek design


It is essential that the water tank needs to be empty by hand

Low coverage area

2. Afloia Q10 True HEPA Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Air Purifier, Touch Control, Ultra Quiet Air  Purifier(200 sq.ft.), Dehumidifier(160 sq.ft.)-Q10
Afloia Q10 True HEPA Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

Next is the Afloia Q10. The sleek and compact Afloia Q10 combines air purification and dehumidification features.

These are its characteristics:

Dehumidification Function

The device uses the latest Peltier technology to capture humidity from air. It does this by drawing the moisture into an extremely cool heat sink. When the moist air moves over the cold surface that is the heating sink it expands and then drips to the water tank.

The unit lets dry air and returns it to the room. It can store up to 750ml water per day under the humid and hot conditions (86degF 30degC/ 80 percent relative Humidity)–ideal in dehumidifying small spaces. If the tank is filled it will shut off.

Higher-grade HEPA Filtration

The Afloia Q10 comes with a more powerful HEPA filter. It can capture 99.97 percent of airborne particles that are as small as 0.1 microns. These include ultrafine dust, smoking particles allergens as well as mold spores and many more. The filter is also able to catch airborne viruses and bacteria.

H13 is the H13 HEPA filter can reduce allergy attacks as well as asthma at the office or at home by capturing airborne contaminants. This means that you and your family members can breathe clean, clean air day and even at night.

To cleanse the air inside your house and decrease airborne pollutants, press the purification button. Purification indicators will switch on and the system will begin to purify the air while capturing pollutants.

Afloia Q10 features an indicator for replacement of filters that will begin flashing orange after about 3 to 6 months usage. When replacing your filter, remember to reset the indicator for filter replacement. To do this, turn on the device , and then hold the purification button for 7 seconds.

Moisture removal capacity: 750 ml per day maximum.

Water tank size: 1 liter.

Replacement cost for filter: ~ $14 for the HEPA filter, 3-6 months use ( check current price of the filter).

Pros & Cons:


2 in 1 Air purifier, dehumidifier and air purifier

Modern design, touch control

It is a good choice to use to serve as an air purifier but without the need for dehumidification.

3 levels of speed of fan, auto shut off timers



There is no activated carbon filter

Peltier dehumidifier are less efficient

3. Vremi Dehumidifier that has a Permanent Air Filter Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated for  Medium Spaces and Basements: Home & Kitchen
Vremi Dehumidifier that has a Permanent Air Filter

First refrigerant dehumidifier on our list will be one called the Vremi Dehumidifier. It comes in three models that are small, medium and large. They can eliminate 22 to 50 pints of water out of the air every day. Furthermore this reusable filter screen will trap more noxious contaminants.

Here are the most important characteristics:

Low Energy Consumption

The Vremi is a highly efficient dehumidifier that can remove the moisture from your basement or laundry room efficiently, while consuming less energy. The machine can not only decrease the amount of moisture inside your home but also helps to keep it from causing mildew and mold growth, but also mildew growth.

To decrease the amount of moisture reduce the dehumidification levels and let the machine be running for 24 hours on an uninterrupted cycle. When the tank is fully filled it will stop. To ensure that the tank is always used it is recommended to use the drain outlet of the hose. The water will flow even as the unit decreases the amount of moisture inside your home.

The Vremi Dehumidifier series has a coverage of between 1,500 and 4500 sq ft. It’s perfect for large bedrooms, living rooms and basements.

Sleek Design and Controls

The machine is an appearance that resembles a box. Elegant and sleek The base model comes with the dimensions of 16.1 and 10.4 inches by 19.9 inches. It features handles and wheels built-in. So, you are able to transfer the unit from rooms with ease.

It features a turbo function that increases fan speed for maximum pollution and moisture. This feature is useful if you see water droplets appearing on the outside the windows.

When moisture builds up within homes, this may result in decay. The wood absorbs moisture and then begin to turn brown. Mildew and mold can thrive and cause asthma and allergies. With the help of a dehumidifier you can keep the wood from becoming rotten and control the humidity in your home.

Moisture removal capacity: 22 pint / 10 liter per day (maximum).

Water tank size: 1 gallon.

Type of air filter: Washable and permanent.

Pros & Cons:


Energy Star rated dehumidifier and air

Ideal for medium-sized to large areas.

Permanently washable air filter

Easy to keep


Hose for drains not included

4. HOMeLabs Dehumidifier that has Washable Air Filter

hOmeLabs is an American firm based within New York. In the industry of household appliances hOmeLabs provides superior dehumidifiers. Here are the specifications of one of their top dehumidifiers.

22-pint Dehumidifier

Modern and practical modern and practical, modern and convenient, the hOmeLabs dehumidifier can be the most effective solution to reduce humidity levels in your home. If you live in a humid, warm atmosphere, it will remove 22 pints water per day. It can accomplish this by using the compressor built into the machine.

The unit is equipped with smart functions. For instance, when it is determined that the water tank is full, it shuts down automatically. If the frost starts to build up around the cooling coils the compressor shuts off, however the fan runs until the frost has gone away.

The machine is equipped with the drain hose to allow continuous draining. The manufacturer suggests using a 5/8-inch wide garden hose. For extra security, consider using Teflon tape.

Permanent Filter and Sleek Design

The unit is equipped with an permanent filter that traps large airborne pollutants such as pet hair dust, lint and dirt. It is recommended to not use the dehumidifier with the filter. In the event that you do, the lint dust and dirt could block the unit and decrease the performance of the device.

It also has an indicator for the filter. This feature will remind you to clean your filter. The indicator will usually blink every 250 hours, or each 30 day period.

Created for modern homes The hOmeLabs is an elegant look. Energy Star Rated and extremely quiet It uses less energy and its silent fan won’t disrupt your learning or work. Because of its low power consumption, it saves you money.

Secure and portable, it includes handles and wheels. This lets you transfer the device from one room easily.

Moisture removal capacity: 22 pint / 10 liter per day (maximum).

Water tank size: 0.8 gallon / 3 liter.

Filter type for air: Washable and permanent.

Pros & Cons:


Dehumidifiers that are top-rated

Filter screen washable

1-24 hours timer

Easy to keep

Energy Star certified

Unproblem-free water drainage


Refrigerant dehumidifier can’t work in colder temperature

The compressor produces heat, that can increase the temperatures in the room. temperature

5. Honati H13 HEPA Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

Are you in search of an dehumidifier and air purifier combo with multiple filters? If so, the Honati is the right choice for you. It can efficiently clean air and reduce the humidity within the surrounding air. Ideal for smaller rooms It can efficiently clean the air and consume less energy.

These are its characteristics:

Efficient Air Purification

Honati Honati features a three-in-one filtering system made up of a pre-filter, an H13 HPA filter, and activated carbon filter. The pre-filter is able to trap big particles like dust pet hair, and dust. In this way, it helps reduce allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

The next step is to install next, the H13 HEPA filter. It has the capacity to capture 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. These include fine dust smoke, airborne bacteria, and even viruses. In removing these pollutants the machine makes sure that your family and you breathe fresh, fresh air.

We also have an activated carbon filter, which removes VOCs smoke, odors, and other VOCs from households and pets. These pollutants can trigger symptoms like wheezing and coughing and throat irritation, causing respiratory issues and flu.

All-in-one Function

In addition to cleaning the air in addition to purifying the air, this device lowers the humidity level within your home. It has a 1 liter water tank and can absorb up to 750 ml water every day. If you combine the two features – dehumidification as well as air purification – you keep the surrounding air clean and fresh.

Because of the shut-off feature that automatically shuts off it is no longer necessary to be concerned about water overflows or flooding. The dehumidifier shuts off automatically when you’ve reached the point where the water tank is full. Just empty the tank, then restart the machine to lower the amount of moisture.

Moisture removal capacity: 750 ml per day (maximum).

Water tank size: 1 liter.

Replacement filter price: ~ $25 for the 3-in-1 filter, 6 months use ( check current cost of filter).

Pros & Cons:


3-in-1 filtering system: pre, H13 carbon, and HEPA

Touch controls


Automatic shut-off

Quiet operation


Low efficiency in removing moisture

6. Aprilaire 1800 Series dehumidifier MERV 8 Filter

Aprilaire is a market leader on indoor air quality solutions. Based in Wisconsin the company manufactures and sells top-of-the-line dehumidifiers as well as other home appliances. Easy to use and energy efficient they can help you build a an environment that is healthy for your family.

Here are the highlights of the Aprilaire 1800 series.

Whole-home Dehumidification

This series will aid you in control humidity within your home. It is equipped with an efficient blower that draws air through the filter and eliminates humidity. The unit then releases dry air to your home. Inside is an enclosed refrigeration system which assists in removing moisture.

It can do this through the movement of air through a set of tubes and fins. The tubes and fins are generally kept colder in comparison to their temperature of the air that is entering the air. When the air flows through the tubes and fins the moisture is condensed and then drips down the drain pan, which is then redirected to an unrouted drain tube to the floor drain.

After the unit has removed the water then the air is then circulated through a second coil, which is heated and then distributed to the room. The machine can take away as much as 9 gallons of water per day.

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to control the moisture levels in your basement or crawl spaces, this is the right solution for you. This way you can ensure your home is protected from structural damage, mold and insects.

MERV 8 Filter for Air Purification

In contrast to other dehumidifiers that use refrigeration, this Aprilaire 1800 series has the MERV-8 filters that catch airborne pollutants. Filters with this rating can eliminate up 70 percent of dust particles (3 10-microns or less) including pollenparticles, mold spores, cement dust, respiratory droplets and many more.

Due to the increased airflow rate the device will purify your air quicker.

Room Coverage

This model of the Aprilaire 1800 model is very low maintenance. Contrary to other dehumidifiers equipped with tanks for water that are prone to leakage, this model does not have dirty tray to empty. It was designed by a team in the US and constructed to last, this device is simple to install. Simply connect a drain pipe and choose your target humidity, and that’s it.

The room area of 2,800 square feet. It’s perfect for basements or laundry room, as well as commercial areas.

It is small in dimensions, and is able to fit into tiny spaces between joists and crawl space doors.

Capacity for removal of moisture: 70 pint / 33 liters per day maximum (the basic model of the 1800 series).

Water tank: none.

Air filter cost: ~ $26 for the MERV 8 Filter. 1 year of use ( check current price of the filter).

Pros & Cons:


Commercial quality dehumidifier and air purifier

Compact design, no water tank

MERV 8 air filter

Removes excess moisture faster (9 gallons for the base model)

It is possible to mount the air outlet as well as the control panel on the top or on the side

Easy to keep

Fantastic build high-end


It is two decibels more loud.

7. Midea Dehumidifier that has a Reusable Air Filter

Then, we offer the Midea dehumidifier, which comes with the air filter. The compressor-based dehumidifier makes your living space more comfortable by taking out excess moisture and dust.

These are its characteristics:

1,500 sq ft Dehumidifier

The Midea dehumidifier has the capacity of capturing as much as twenty pints worth of water every day. By ensuring an healthy humidity level (30% to 60 to 60 percent) it prevents the development of mold and structural wood rot and smells. It also stops carpeting from getting damp as well as furniture.

With a total area of 1500 square feet, this is ideal for living spaces and bathroom, bedroom and basement. It comes with a three-liter water tank. If it’s full, just take the tank off. To ensure continuous draining, connect a regular 0.75-inch garden hose to the socket built into.

The dehumidifier is very simple to use. You can choose easily between different settings and modes using the LCD control panel. For the automatic dehumidifying mode Press Auto comfort. This will enable the device to take in moisture rapidly and keep the optimal humidity levels. In this way it will stop the growth of mold as well as mildew growth.

Permanent Washable Filter air purifier

It comes with a washable filter that captures airborne pollutants such as dust, pet hair, and filth. It creates a healthier living space where you and your family members can breathe fresh, fresh air.

The filter is simple to clean. This will save you money.

It has four handle and wheels, which makes it easier to move it from room to space. This machine has been Energy Star rated, saving the user money on electricity.

Moisture removal capacity: 22 pint / 10 liter per day (maximum).

Water tank size: 0.8 gallon / 3 liter.

Type of air filter: Washable and permanent.

Pros & Cons:


Reusable air filter

Easy to keep dehumidifier and air purifier

Energy Star certified

Saves you money


Small water bucket

The compressor is a bit more raud.

Final Thoughts

standalone devices are bound provide better quality and greater features, but if need both dehumidification as well as air purification in one unit it is the best option.

We hope you find this review of dehumidifier air purifier combo to be useful to you.

We’ve created what we believe is an excellent range of capabilities and value. And among the five models, there’s bound to be one that fits the bill for you.

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