Best wireless car charger

Are you looking for the best wireless car charger to charge your phone? Wireless chargers have become a necessary accessory for a modern-day driver. The only thing they have to do is be in a car with an electric charger and then turn it on. This is a big step forward in the evolution of charging technology.

What is a wireless phone charging car mount?

These wireless Qi chargers are built into car mounts. This allows you to clip your phone in a convenient position so you can use it while driving.

Top-Rated Best Wireless Charger for Car

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Upgraded

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Upgraded

One of the best wireless car chargers

You don’t have to go with a big brand, but ZeeHoo wireless car charger offers most of the auto clamping feature you need to charge your phone, including auto clamping and USB-C. It can also charge up to 15-watts fast wireless charging for Android phones that support it. (iPhones only allow 7.5-watt charging).

The upgraded version is sleeker than the original and costs $20 less than the iOttie. This wireless charger does not include a cigarette lighter adapter but only a USB cable.

The wireless charging mount has an autosensing, telescopic arm and is one of the most popular. It attaches securely to your car air vent mount and charges your smartphone quickly. The wireless car charger included both a phone mounting bracket for my dashboard mount and an air vent mount. A $30 air-vent version is available.


  • It is easy to install
  • Sturdiness
  • Material quality
  • Strong suction cup
  • Charging power
  • Value for money


  • No cons

iOttie 10w Qi Automatic Clamping Dash Mount

Premium automatic clamping

Do you hate when your phone falls off your car mount as you drive? It can be enough distraction to make you feel bad. You can forget about such a triviality with the iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Qi Charger Car Mount. It works with almost any smartphone. The wireless charging mount has received over 3,000 reviews and a 4.4-star Amazon rating.

iOttie has a telescopic arm, which can reach as far as 8.3 inches. You can set it up in any orientation you want, thanks to its pivot motion of up to 225 degrees. You can move the wireless car charger mount with just one hand and slide it off to take your phone out.


  • About $60
  • Superior stick strength secures your phone
  • Telescopic arm adjustable
  • With a pivoting capability of 225 degrees, it can be adjusted optimally
  • Mounting universal
  • One-touch locking and unlocking


  • A 15W Qi Fast Charging is not available
  • Sensors need to work

Spigen OneTap Pro 7.5W Qi

This is the Magsafe Wireless Car Charger Mount.

The Spigen OneTap Pro, compatible with Magsafe, is a great car phone mount charger. The Spigen OneTap Pro can be inserted and you will get 7.5W wireless charging to your iPhone 12 Pro Max. This product is still new, and there are not many reviews on Amazon. Nearly all of the reviews are positive.

Mount-and-charge panels come with a built-in USB C Cable (3.7ft), which you can plug into a 20W USB C Power Car Charger (sold separately). There are two sections of ball-and joint for adjustments.

The mount-and charge pane has one ball-and joint, and the extension arm has the other. You have a lot of control over how your phone looks between these two ball-and joint sections.


  • Made specifically for Magsafe iPhone charging and mounting
  • This is a very affordable option at a cost of just $40
  • MagSafe Compatible Cases compatible
  • Built-in USB Cable (3.7ft).


  • This price does not include the required 20W USB-C Car Charger
  • Not compatible with Android smartphones
  • Limit of 7.5 watts

CHGeek Wireless Car Charger (M12)

CHGeek’s Model M12t is one of the Best Wireless phone Chargers which comes with many features and comes at a reasonable price. The M12’s aluminum alloy frame can hold smartphones from 2.28 inches up to 3.7 inches wide.

When you place your phone in the charger, the adjustable arms grip the sides of the phone. CHGeek offers several options to mount the M12 in your car, including a suction cup dash-top mounting and a clip that attaches the charger to a vent. The suction-cup mount allows you to adjust the angle and reach for the charger.

You can also attach either an attachment that lets you orient your device in landscape or portrait modes. The M12 can be used to charge any smartphone that supports Qi wireless charging protocol. The M12 can charge anywhere from 5W to 15W, depending on the specifications of your smartphone.

This will protect your phone against damage by setting up an automatic obstruction alarm to alert you if your phone is in contact with a foreign object.


  • Phone support that can be adjusted automatically
  • Charge at 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W speeds
  • Multiple mounting options


  • One customer said that the charger does not work well in cold conditions.
  • Another buyer claimed that the charger failed to hold their phone securely.

iOttie iTap 2 Wireless

Magnetic mount that sticks to the wall (non-MagSafe compatible).

A magnetic charger for your phone is a discreet option if you prefer a wireless charger that looks more professional. There are three versions of the iOttie iTap2 Wireless: one with air-vent, one with CD slot, and one that mounts to your dashboard.

The air-vent model has a locking mechanism that secures the charger mount to the vent clip. This mount is not MagSafe compatible.

You will need either a case with some metal in it (which I have), or you can attach one of the included thin stick-on plates to your phone’s back. Make sure it is not touch wireless charging circuitry.

The plate can be covered with your phone case. However, your phone will not stick to the charger mount if the case is too thick.

The iOttie iTap two magnetic car mount comes with a dual USB car charger. It also has an extra USB port to charge a second device. This cable is not a USB-C cable and doesn’t offer accelerated charging.

My iPhone 11 Pro was able to stay on the charger without any problems. However, larger phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will need to use one of the wireless chargers above.


  • It’s so easy
  • Well designed
  • An additional USB port is available


  • Mounting plates are required
  • It is not as fast as wired charging

Mophie Snap Plus 15W Wireless Charging Vent Mount

Magnetic wireless charger compatible with MagSafe

Mophie’s Snap Plus 15W Wireless Charge Vent Mount comes with an integrated USB C cable. You can remove the charging puck from the magnetic mount, but the cable is built into the puck.

You also get a MagSafe adapter for your cigarette lighter and a magnet ring that you can attach to the back of any phone, Android or not. It worked well with my iPhone 12 Pro’s MagSafe case. The magnet isn’t strong enough to hold heavier phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s a beautiful accessory.

It can wirelessly charge Android devices at charging speeds up to 15W, but iPhones wireless charging is maxed at 7.5W.

VANMASS Wireless-Car Charger Mount

Technology has made life easier and more enjoyable. You will forget about the hassle of tangled cables while driving when you have a wireless car charging mount.

This charger clamps your phone automatically for charging, which saves you time and makes driving easier.

Two clips are included that can open and hold the phone while it charges. Its steady clamping keeps your phone safe, even on bumpy roads. You can move the joints to find the most comfortable charging position without affecting your driving.

The indicator will show you how much your phone is charging. To prevent you from overcharging your phone, it will stop charging automatically when it is complete.

You can release your phone from the clips by simply pressing the “release” button on the opposite side of the clips.

You have three options for installation and can choose the most convenient one. The charger can be mounted on the windshield, dashboard, or air vent.

Vanmass’ wireless charger is compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones and works well with phones between 4 and 6.5 inches.


  • Nice design
  • Broad compatibility
  • There are three options for installation
  • Overheating and charging protectors
  • 360 degrees joint ball


  • Doesn’t function well during extreme temperatures
  • A case protector can hinder charging

Nalwort 15W Wireless Car Charger

Nalwort offers a low-cost wireless phone charger that you can mount to your vehicle. The suction cup mount attaches directly to the car’s dashboard and supports your phone using adjustable arms and an aluminum frame.

The suction cup mount uses the edge of your dashboard to support the device’s weight. A rubber backing protects the dash from damage. The included vent clip can be used to attach the charger to an A/C vent in your vehicle. A ball joint allows you to rotate the phone 360 degrees for easy adjustment of your viewing angle.

The Nalwort charger will charge your phone at charging speed of up to 15W, depending on the specifications of your device. This charger can be used with any Qi-enabled phone at speeds of 5W, 7W, or 10W. The Nalwort charger will alert you if a foreign object is between your device’s charging surface and it with an LED indicator that blinks red and green.


  • Sleek design
  • Side arms with auto-clamping


  • A charger was sent to a buyer that didn’t work. Nalwort repaired it and replaced it with one that worked. Some features may require additional accessories.

CHOETECH Magnetic Wireless Car Charger T200

This magnetic model from CHOETECH is next on our list. Magnetic chargers are a great piece of kit. Instead of using bottom and side supports to secure your device, magnetic chargers use the power of magnets.

There is one problem. Only a few smartphones can support magnetic charging. The CHOETECH T200 was designed for the iPhone 12, the most recent generation of Apple’s long-running line of smartphones.

This charger is perfect for anyone who has an iPhone 12 or plans to purchase one. The twist-lock mount attaches to the vents of your car. After you have the charger in its place, you can place your phone on top of it, and it will remain there.

You can rotate the vent mount 360 degrees, so your phone’s screen can be oriented in any direction you like. This wireless charging can be used with either the iPhone 12 or any MagSafe case. It will charge your iPhone in as little as 3.5hrs.


  • Attractive price
  • High-tech charging technology


  • Compatible only with Apple iPhone 12 smartphones
  • As the battery reaches its maximum capacity, charging slows down

ZealSound Qi-Certified Car Charge Slim Pad Station Dock

Car wireless charging pad

Although the ZealSound Qi-Certified Wireless Car Charger Slim Pad Station Dock is not the most elegant, it can be used anywhere. It has a grippy base and guard rails that prevent your phone from flying off the dock when you brake, accelerate suddenly, or make sharp turns.

Compatible Android phones can use up to 10W charging. It charges at 7.5W for iPhones. It also includes a cigarette lighter power adapter.

Baseus Wireless Car Charger Dashboard Compatible Mount

When you release your phone, the arms of the wireless charger will automatically open and close. To release the phone tap the button to the right. The phone will then be released automatically.

This is unlike other car wireless chargers, which don’t stick to where they are placed. The suction cup is large and sturdy to ensure your phone doesn’t shake or fall when you drive.

Baseus wireless car charger allows you to extend the length of your arm so that it fits perfectly on your windshield.

While the charger held the phone securely, it stayed attached to the vent and dashboard. This wireless charging performed well even in high temperatures. It held the phone securely and remained in place.

The rotation feature, which allows you to view the phone from different angles, was beneficial for users.

Some users found the sticking function to be very effective, while other wireless car chargers had an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, the suction power of the mount was not strong enough to hold it in place. However, charging was slower than some users expected or desired.


  • The case can be used with
  • Sticks are firm
  • Supports different phone sizes
  • Design and quality
  • The auto-clamping function works very well


  • USB is required to work
  • You will need an adapter to 10W fast charging.

Piosoo Wireless Qi 15W Qi Fast Charger Auto Clamping Cup Holder Mount

We understand what you’re thinking. This brand is new to me. This product currently has over 1000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.3-star rating. This brand is unique in its approach to mounting. The charger mount can be inserted directly into the cup holder.

If you are limited on vent or dash space, this might be an option. Like the GMC Terrain or others like it, many smaller SUVs don’t allow for much storage on the vent or the dash. Even the windshield of smaller SUVs is smaller and more slanted than the rest.

Putting a car charger mount on it could take up too much space. This may be the best solution for people who have smaller SUVs. It might not be safe to view Google maps if it is in a cup holder. You might be able to remember that.


  • Start price: $38
  • Telescopic Arms with Auto-Sensing Telescopic Arms
  • 15W Qi Fast Charging
  • Fits from 4.7 to 6.5 inches
  • 360-degree swivel joint
  • Goosenecks up to 11.2 inches can be moved to any position.
  • Can be expanded or contracted to fit any cup-holder
  • Built-in Battery allows you to remove your phone from the car even after it has been turned off


  • It does not include a Quick Charge 3.0 car charger
  • You might not be in a good position to view things such as Google maps

Squish Wireless Car Charger

The Squish wireless car charger is the perfect solution if you are looking for a wireless charger you can attach it to your car, on your reading table, or on your desk at work.

You have endless options and it doesn’t require any tools. It is very easy to mount and use while driving. It is easy to charge your phone by simply placing the phone on the wireless charging.

Once you have slipped the phone into place, it will be securely gripped and charged. You can drive comfortably and safely without touching the phone.

You don’t have to worry about your phone being snagged on rough roads. To ensure the maximum protection of your smartphone, the charger is made from an anti-scratch material. For a secure grip, and worry-free travel, the base material is made from anti-slip rubber.

You can view your phone from different angles thanks to the 360-degree rotating tray. It works with all smartphones, regardless of size or shape. It works with all types of phone cases.


  • It is easy to set it up
  • The phone case will be charged for any charges
  • Charge quickly
  • Anti-scratch protection


  • Inconsistent charges with the case

Why would you need a wireless car charger?

If you are like me, it can be difficult to keep your phone charged. You may find yourself with a dead phone battery from time to time. When you have a charging emergency, this will save your phone. An empty mount just begs for a phone to fit on it. A wireless car charging mount for your phone is a perfect match for a car monitor.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Car Charger Mount

Perhaps you are looking for an easy way to see and access your navigation while driving. Perhaps you need to be able to charge two phones at the same time with a wireless car charger. We’ve identified the essential things you need to look for in order to find the right car charger.

Type of smartphone case

Some car chargers won’t charge your phone wirelessly if your case is too thin or strong enough. If you use Otterbox, it is essential to choose chargers that can be charged through your case. You might want a mount that holds your phone and protects your case simultaneously.

A car mount that can quickly charge – This is a great option for someone who is constantly on the move, running from one thing to another, and needs to be on the road every day.

Mount type

Some chargers can be attached to your air vent. Some chargers can be carefully placed on your dashboard. There are also special ones that fit perfectly (like the Tesla one). All you need to do is place your phone on the car charging mat.

You will need to know where the car mount is supposed to be placed so that you can see how comfortable your phone feels on it.


Would you prefer to see your navigation clearly in landscape mode? A car mount that is fully swivelable should be considered. To avoid sun glares, make sure you can adjust the mount up and down. A few words of caution: Some car mounts can become loose and wobbly in turns, which can be annoying.

Type of connection

Make sure to check the type of your phone’s connection. Is it USB Type B or Type C? Is the underarm able to connect your headphone jack to it?

FAQs about Wireless Phone Charging Car Mount

Car mounts for charging seem like trivial accessories. But you have to make sure that the one you choose suits your needs and your car. You’ll get annoyed at the little things that could affect your driving experience. Here are some common questions that buyers ask.

Can they charge quickly?

Not all chargers. It should support the model number of your phone.

Do wireless car chargers need to be connected to your phone?

No. They can charge your phone wirelessly, so they don’t need to be. It’s enough to place your phone on the charger or attach it to your device. However, you will still need to power them up.

Can this be used with my car?

Yes. Before you purchase, make sure you first visualize your car, then review the specifications. You might lose your connection if your air vent is too thick. It’s safe to say that many of the car mounts can be mounted flat on a surface.

Will this wireless car charger charge my phone?

You need to think about two things. Is it able to hold your large phone? Can it charge your phone with the included charger? You need to make sure that the Qi chargers work with your model phone. Mounts may not work with iPhone X in some cases.


You should seriously consider purchasing the best wireless car charger if you are passionate about keeping your car clean and don’t want cables to get in the way. We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this article below.

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