The 15 Best Beach Chairs?

Where to buy beach chairs

Are you wondering Where to buy beach chairs?

1. StrongBack low gravity beach chair

The lack of lumbar support is a problem with beach chairs. This is why the StrongBack Low-Gravity Beach Chair was created. The brand claims that the chair promotes good spinal alignment and hip alignment due to its body-hugging design. This will allow you to enjoy your beach day with less strain and tension. For extra comfort, the chair also has lumbar cushioning. It also features a backpack-style carrying case, cup holders, and a no-sink design to ensure it doesn’t get stuck in mud or wet sand.

“All I can tell you is to buy it. You will love it.”, posted one review. The most comfortable, compact chair. It provides fantastic lower back support and a well-made chair. It folds up in seconds and can be stored in a bag the size of a yoga mat.

2. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler beach chair

Tommy Bahama® Backpack Cooler Chair | Bed Bath & Beyond
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler beach chair

The Tommy Bahama Backpack cooler chair is the best. Even Southern Living editors agree. The chair’s built-in storage pockets can be used to store your food and drinks. The chair also features a pouch to hold your phone and a cup holder that will keep your drink safe from the sand. It comes with five positions that can be reclined, including flat, for sunbathing and lounging. A towel bar can be used to hang your wet towels from the back. The top-rated beach chair is made from strong polyester fabric and rustproof aluminum. This beach chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is incredibly durable.

It’s easy to see why this chair has a rating of 4.7 stars. “I love the chair,” raved an Amazon shopper. This chair is great for carrying everything! I no longer use my beach bag! The positions and comfort are excellent. (Note: Some reviews state that the chair is too low to the ground.)

3. Rio Beach Big Boy Folding Beach Chair

RIO beach Big Boy 4-Position 13" High Seat Backpack Beach or Camping  Folding Chair : Home & Kitchen -
Rio Beach Big Boy Folding Beach Chair

The Rio Beach Big Boy Flipping Beach Chair measures 31 inches by 28 inches. It offers a roomier seat compared to its counterparts. The aluminum frame gives it strength and the cushioned headrest provides comfort. You can relax on the extra-wide beach chair with its four levels of recline. There are also convenient backpack straps and a cup holder. One shopper stated that it is large enough to hold three beach towels.

4. GCI Outdoor Reclining beach Chair with Sunshade : GCI Outdoor Waterside Reclining Portable Backpack Beach Chair  with Sunshade : Sports & Outdoors
GCI Outdoor Reclining beach Chair with Sunshade

A beach chair may be comfortable enough to sit in the sun for long periods of time, but it may not offer all that comfort. One reviewer said that there are times when they don’t have shade and they go to the beach or camping. This is why they bought the GCI Outdoor chair. It is great to be able to use the chair with its retractable visor, which provides UPF 50 protection. “I love how you can use it as a sunshade when it’s being carried in a backpack, so it can protect your skin from the sun rays, they write.” Although the shade adds bulk, reviewers agree that the chair is easy to transport. Its backpack straps are what one says is the reason. Another says that it’s still light enough to be carried by an elderly lady. This makes it a package that is so great, one reviewer even wrote their review while on vacation. “I am sitting in this chair at Gulf Shores, AL. The retractable cover provides shade and sun protection. It is very comfortable and can be repositioned in four positions. Great beach chair!

5. Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair -
Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

Best beach chairs with locking mechanism

Many reviewers agreed that the chair was “the most sturdy folding chair I’ve ever used.” Another said that the fabric is not fragile and that it doesn’t sag as much as other folding chairs. You can also fold and unfold the chair with built-in locks. This feature is very useful as it prevents the chair from collapsing on your by chance.” Another reviewer wrote, “The coolest thing about these chairs is that they have a dual lock. The button is quick to release and can be pressed when you need to unlock the chair. Reviewers also liked the higher seat. The seat is higher than others and it’s firm. It also doesn’t tip when I lean forward to stand. Although the arms are strong enough to be used to lift me up, it isn’t a problem with the seat height or firmness.

6. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair : Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Blue, 1-Pack :  Patio Recliners : Patio, Lawn & Garden
Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

The best beach chair with an adjustable headrest pillow

“I found the chair for the first time last year when I was camping with my family. I was already in severe discomfort after having ‘thrown’ my spine out. I decided to try the chair. As soon as I laid back, I felt instantly relieved from my pain. One reviewer, who has back pain, said that it felt like a miracle. “I have hip and back pain that a memory foam mattress does not relieve. The product is amazing because it doesn’t have any painful pressure points. Also, the curves and bends are just right.” Another user wrote. This chair is great for patios, decks, and the beach. If you have back pain, this product is great for your lower back. I regret that I bought only one, and now my husband is fighting me over it.

7. NiceC Ultralight High Back Folding Camp Chair

NiceC Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair, with Headrest, Outdoor,  Backpacking Compact & Heavy Duty Outdoor, Camping, BBQ, Beach, Travel,  Picnic, Festival with Carry Bag (1 Pack of Black) -
NiceC Ultralight High Back Folding Camp Chair

This NiceC chair was rated five stars by over 500 users for its high back. It provides additional support and comfort. One reviewer wrote that she has some very serious lower back problems and must be careful about how and how long she sits. I have used this chair many times, even on a cross-country trip. It has never caused me any back pain.” Another reviewer, who has used many camping chairs over the years, says that the NiceC chair allows them to relax and not “force you to sit up straight.” The chair is “super comfy” and “truly comfier than larger bulkier chairs.” Another reviewer says that the chair’s slightly leaned-back angle allows for “perfect relaxation.”

8. KingCamp Low Sling Beach chair KingCamp Low Seat Beach Chair, Outdoor Camping Folding Chair  with Cup Holder, 3 Colors : Everything Else
KingCamp Low Sling Beach chair

Best beach chairs

They are light, portable, and comfortable, even for long periods of time. They are great for beach use. One reviewer said that they do not sit very low to the ground. This was not a problem for them, but it might be for others. These chairs fit perfectly in our beach tent. My spouse and I bought two of them. Another adds that the chair is low enough to be able to put your feet in the water or to place your feet in the tent. But it’s high enough to prevent your bottom from hitting the sand.” It folds up much easier than the pop-up tent and has not fallen on my head or pinched me,” writes another.

9. Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair : Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair with  Steel Frame, 31.5", Army Green : Sports & Outdoors
Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair

One reviewer said, “My boyfriend and I suffer from not quite near enough-itis.” This thing is amazing! It is sturdy and has cup holders with netted bottoms that are secure for phones/sunglasses. The item is lightweight so two people can spread out. This loveseat is praised by over 70% of five-star reviewers. A reviewer stated that the chair is lightweight and easy to transport, but can still hold an average-sized adult. These chairs were able to hold nearly 400lbs of weight and the seats were delivered. It was comfortable even in rain and wind, on grassy turf.” One reviewer said that it is “INSANELY comfortable” with “nice spine placement.” Their partner also loved the chair, “repeatedly telling me that he was grateful that I convinced him to choose this chair over other chairs.”

10. AmazonBasics Portable Chair Padded XL

AmazonBasics Extra Large Padded Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Bag - 38  x 24 x 36 Inches, Blue : Sports & Outdoors
AmazonBasics Portable Chair Padded XL

The chair was particularly loved by those with larger bodies, such as a “big man,” who described it as “sturdy” and added that it “seems adequately constructed for the average user and yet not too heavy to transport.” Another reviewer said, “I’m a big gal and this chair is very comfortable.” It’s sturdy and nice. It has pockets to hold your glasses and cell phone. It folds up very small and easily.” Although the chair is large, other reviewers have noted that it is easy to store and fold up. This chair was purchased by a customer who originally bought it to go to the beach. However, he found that they are compact enough to store in his trunk. They are great for large people, as I have a family member that is close to 300 pounds and he loves sitting in them.

11. Oniva Picnic Times Portable Folding Sports Chair : ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand PTZ Portable Folding Camp Chair,  Black ,8 x 8 x 35 : Sports & Outdoors
Oniva Picnic Times Portable Folding Sports Chair

“I bought one of these for my father-in-law and mother-in-law. They love these chairs better than the beach chairs because they are so much easier to get up and sit down. Both of them have bad hips and knees so it is uncomfortable for them to sit in low chairs on the beach. Getting up is difficult. One reviewer said that this was the first time she had seen her dad in a beach chair in years. These chairs have been great for me, weighing in at 300 pounds. I don’t fear falling. The height, padded arms, and padded seat are great and it’s easy to get out. Reviewers also loved the extra add-ons. The tray table and pockets are useful and well-designed. Grandkids set them up tray-to-tray side-by-side to eat and play. The umbrella loop at the back keeps your umbrella safe and your chair shaded.

12. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler | Bed Bath & Beyond
Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Best beach chairs

We found that the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair was praised by many reviewers for its comfort and built-in accessories. The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is a great value for money. It is comfortable, practical, spacious, convenient, and has a sturdy steel frame. Although the cup holder is common, it equips built-in coolers able to store up to four cans of your favorite beverage. It can hold three bottles and two small bags of water. One reviewer wrote that the side pouch with netting is great for keys, books, and phones. Another satisfied customer wrote, “This chair was very comfortable. The chair has a cup holder and a mesh flap to hold a phone. On the other side is a pouch for books or magazines.

The chair’s size was also well-received by reviewers: “These chairs can be used for larger people and are sturdy.” One reviewer said that the backrest is angled and more comfortable than other vertical designs. My husband and I are large people and needed a chair that could hold us upright and not lower than the ground. This allowed us to sit comfortably while watching our grandkids play ball. These chairs are amazing, I am so glad that I bought two!

13. Marchway Ultralight Folding Chair

Buy MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair, Portable Compact for Outdoor  Camp, Travel, Beach, Picnic, Festival, Hiking, Lightweight Backpacking  Online in Turkey. B06XF3BCSG
Marchway Ultralight Folding Chair

One reviewer took the lightweight Marchway chair with him on a field trip to Costa Rica. “I was able to take it on all our long hikes in the forest, and it was easy to set it up in under a minute!” Another reviewer took the Marchway chair along with her on a field-research trip to Costa Rica. It won’t weigh you down if you take it on a camping trip, or on a hike.

14. Rio Beach Wave Folding Sandchair

RIO beach Wave 1-Position Beach Folding Sand Chair - Pacific Blue : Sports  & Outdoors -
Rio Beach Wave Folding Sandchair

Hundreds of five-star reviews have praised the affordable price of this beach chair. One of them purchased it to use in quarantine and then brought it down to the shore. They are also great for sitting outside. It’s used by one reviewer for gaming and another for working remotely: “I do online health and was looking for something that would help me keep my spine straight so I didn’t feel pain after a while.” Best decision I made! She says it’s extremely comfortable and sturdy and can be folded up easily to store. The chair’s comfort is also noted by beachgoers, with one person describing them as “comfortable enough that we fell asleep in it.”

15. Melissa & Doug Octopus Folding Beach Chair for Children Melissa & Doug 000772066945 27" x 25" x 15" Giddy Buggy Chair,  One Size, Multi : Toys & Games
Melissa & Doug Octopus Folding Beach Chair for Children

The adorable octopus beach chairs are a hit with one reviewer’s three- and 10-year-old children. They “love it so much, that they argue over who gets it to sit in.” Other parents also appreciate the locking mechanism. One reviewer said that this chair features a locking mechanism means that kids can’t fold it or pinch their hands. The chair is also solid. The chair is sturdy enough to allow a child, even a toddler, to climb on it. The chair was a great solution for a 2-year-old who had difficulty climbing up on other chairs. However, he still wanted to be “like mama and daddy at the pool.” Its lightweight construction and carry case mean that their son can “help carry it to the pool” – he even gave it a name! My son calls it his “octo chair !'”

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