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7 Best Mobile Banking App 2020

Best Mobile Banking

Mobile banking can give you access to financial services anytime you want them. With banking apps — or a bank website — on your phone or tablet, you can complete many common tasks, including checking your account balance, finding nearby ATMs and depositing a check by snapping a photo. Best Online Banking App.

Best Mobile Banking App 2020. Best online banking app.

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MoneyLion – Best Mobile Banking App 2020. Best Online Banking App.

Country: USA
Current Value: $ 1 billion

This US-based portable banking application furnishes its clients with money related guidance and access to advances. The multi year-old startup is an individual fund application which works as a part loaning, part investment funds, and part riches the board application. As indicated by the most recent news, this fintech startup is near turning out to be “unicorn” for the fund business. It has raised $100million Series C round drove by Edison Partners and Green Spring Associates.

How MoneyLion makes money?

  • The startup makes money from app subscriptions that cost $19.99 per month to each user.

How MoneyLion is different?

  • It provides efficient online banking service across 55000 fee-free ATMs.
  • It also has a 5.99% APR loan to keep savings progress on track. Therefore, this facility is specifically for their members.

Best Mobile Banking App 2020

Image Credit: MoneyLion

Top Features of the MoneyLion app

  • Instant transfer and zero-fee checking
  • Direct deposit to avail APR cash advances
  • 12% cashback rewards
  • Track the credit score
  • Real-time notifications for spendings

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Chime  – Best Mobile Banking App 2020. Best Online Banking App.

Country – USA

The Chime app is growing fast in the U.S.A as a mobile-only bank.It permits clients to deal with their going through and sparing record with no shrouded exchange expenses. The numerous programmed sparing choices and huge free ATM organizing makes it the most advantageous portable application for banking.

Chime is different ?

  • The money saving app prioritizes savings by automatically deducting 10% of the paycheck and directly deposit that amount in the savings account.
  • In addition, a user can access his paycheck 2 days earlier with direct deposit through Chime.
  • It provides efficient online banking service over 30,000 fee-free Moneypass ATMs.
  • The mobile app for banking facilitates with no minimum balance, no overdraft, real-time transaction notification, sending money to family & friends.

Best Mobile Banking App 2020 - chime

Image Credit:Chime

Top Features of Chime app

  • Deposit directly to Chime account and get paid early
  • No hidden fees or monthly fees
  • Send money to family & friends with a free-fee mobile payment
  • Deposit instant checks
  • Support mobile payment apps

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Nubank – Best Mobile Banking App 2020. Best Online Banking App.

Country- Brazil
Current Value- over $10million

The web based financial application, Nubank, is a Brazil-based fintech application. It gets extraordinary compared to other fintech applications by giving access to solicitations and following spending by classification to erasing buys with Nubank Reward focuses earned. In other words,  gives ongoing data about Credit cards, sparing parity, and Nubank rewards. As indicated by the ongoing news, the organization has raised $400million Series F round of investment drove by Woody Marshall of TCV.

  • Nubank is considered as the sixth-largest financial institution by reaching 12million users within its home market.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the company has secured valuation over $10billion, potentially making it one of a shortlist of startup decacorns.

Best Mobile Banking App 2020 - nubank

Image Credit: Nubank

Top Features of Nubank app

  • Savings at user disposal
  • No-annuity credit card accepted worldwide
  • Rewarding point program
  • Informative blogs

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Mint   – Best Mobile Banking App 2020

Country- USA

Mint app is the most successful fintech app based in the U.S.A. In other words, the alert remind you about the bills to pay. This helps user to know better his finances. All data is 256-bit encrypted.

Best Mobile Banking App 2020 - mint

Image Credit: Mint

Top Features of Mint app

  • Manage bills and balances
  • Create a budget and see the suggestions based on individual spending
  • Free credit score analysis with tips
  • Secured sign-up

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Revolut  – Best Mobile Banking App 2020

Country- UK

The London-based startup offers banking administrations including a prepaid charge card, money trade, digital currency trade, and shared installments. As it were, the application permits a client to go through and send cash in a simple manner with genuine trade rates. The organization is expected to flood $10bn ($8bn) in the coming a very long time as money new businesses hit develop uncommon development directions to challenge the US goliaths. It is wanting to raise $500m this year from financial specialists and has collected 6 million clients in only four years.

The Revolut`s differences

  • The budgeting app supports spending and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies and sending in 29 currencies directly from the app.
  • The customers are allowed to access to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP by exchanging to or from 25 fiat currencies.


Image Credit: Revolut

Top Features of Revolut app

  • Instant spending notification after every card payment
  • Create a monthly budget for restaurants, groceries, transport
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Split the bill with friends and family calculations will be taken care in the app

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N26 – Best Mobile Banking App 2020

Country – Berlin
Current Value- $2.7billion

This Berlin-based account the executives application encourages with quick, adaptable, and straightforward cash the executives instruments to control funds. It permits two free across the nation ATM withdrawals every month. From that point forward, N26 has brought $300 million up in a Series D round drove by Insight Venture Partners with Singapore’s sovereign riches subsidize GIC and a couple of existing financial specialists. The organization is presently esteemed at $2.7billion, it overwhelmed Revolut as the most significant portable bank in Europe.

  • N26 has been featured in TechCrunch, WIRED, and Forbes and boasts over 65,000 five-star reviews worldwide.


Image Credit: N26

Top Features of N26 app

  • Instant money transfer with MoneyBeam
  • Automatic generation of spending statistics
  • Account security with face or fingertip recognition
  • Organize and achieve financial goals with Spaces

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Monzo – Best Mobile Banking App 2020. Best online banking app.

Useful for:

  • monitoring your spending,
  • setting a price range,
  • splitting payments with associates

You will have seen partners blazing the cell banking startup’s particular neon orange card. When a prepaid charge card, the zingy Monzo card is currently snared to an actual present account as a consequence of, as of April 2017, Monzo is a completely fledged, portable just budgetary establishment. On the off chance that you have just got a present record you may wrestle to see the reason for opening one other. Anyway conviction us: your budgetary establishment’s cell application is nothing simply like the Monzo application.

Monzo makes you aware of outgoings with cell warnings after which logs your spending, sorting out it into various classes: from installments to occasions, cash withdrawals to move to devouring out. It at that point uncovers you a realistic breakdown of the entirety of your spending so you can see basically the spot your money goes. Transport devouring up your pie outline? Time to dump the Ubers and grasp the transport. Staple goods costing more noteworthy than you rely on? Higher watch what’s touchdown in your purchasing trolley.

You also can set spending plans for each class and Monzo will furnish you with a notice once you’re approaching them. Going to Deliveroo one other takeaway? Directly here’s Monzo with the notice ping, reminding you you’ve just surpassed your devouring out value extend for the month.

In Conclusion, Monzo moreover makes sending money to partners and contacts as basic as sending a printed content message, no thoughtful codes and record numbers required. It makes going Dutch in gobbling places and divvying up utility installments among housemates simple. You also can poke partners who owe you money by delicately ‘charging’ them by method for the application.

High Options:

  • Paying your mates: pay your mates who’re also on Monzo, in just a couple of spigots
  • Near to Pals: pay people near you, even you don’t have their amount
  • Cut up the receipt: separate costs among partners and gets a commission once more
  • Common Tabs: keep up see of who owes what
  • Gets a commission early: get your compensation daily sooner than you’re intended to
  • Round ups: spare your extra change routinely
  • IFTTT: join your money related life to an incredible rest
  • Pots: compose the money in your Monzo account
  • Pay Sorter: routinely kind your money between spending, installments and monetary reserve funds
  • Receipt tracker: we’ll control the cost of your installments and let you know when one alterations

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Best Mobile Banking App 2020 . Best online banking app.