Buy Bitcoin: Best Ways to Buy BTC Instantly

Bitcoin – BTC is a lot of things, and the technology is coming to be more powerful as each week goes by. That’s because Bitcoin creates a massive, global platform that is open and free to anyone to build on and develop.


Through bitcoin people carry out transactions on the internet that do not require some sort of validation or confirmation by an intermediary, which facilitates safe peer-to-peer transactions. Because it is a digital currency, bitcoin operates in a way similar to email for money. The same way you need to create an email address to receive messages from people, in the same vein, you are required to create a bitcoin wallet to store and transact money with just a smartphone. Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin Instantly.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital alternative to traditional money relying on cryptography for its operation. The Bitcoin protocol, a system of open source processes, governs the currency and is primarily supported by a peer-to-peer network. This design also makes Bitcoin a payment network, one that exists outside the traditional payments system. Unlike more traditional currencies, there is no principal authority backing Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Foundation, an advocacy group, does help support the use of the currency

Buy Bitcoin instantly?

However, is it possible to buy Bitcoin instantly? Of course, there are many ways to buy bitcoin cryptocurrency, with debit or credit card, PayPal, online on cryptocurrency exchange, with bank transfers and so on.  It is difficult to hand-pick which is the best way to buy bitcoin. After the opening of Bitcoin address-account you can start buying coins. While financial systems are clunky and come with a lot of expensive charges, bitcoin provides a common language that computers utilize to transfer money instantly and securely. This is achieved at a much lower cost with no intermediaries.

Methods  – Buy Bitcoin 

This table resume how to Buy Bitcoin:

Number Method Details
1 Bitcoin ATM These ATMs don’t require any sort of ID or verification.
2 Credit card  payments Buying Bitcoin through this means attracts some
transaction charges that varies with these Apps.
3 Buying from local persons The sellers on this websites are rated by grade level
depending on their amount of successful transactions, however,
purchasing Bitcoin from this sites is not recommended due to high risk of fraud.
4 Buying with bank transfer There are apps that support the instant buying of Bitcoin
through bank accounts.
5 Buy bitcoin with paypal You  should enlist with a buying and selling stage or business
administration that sells  BTC, BCH, and ETH with Paypal.
6 Buy Bitcoin at Walmart Walmart is not actually selling the bitcoins, a person has to
follow certain step to complete the charges a small fee for sending money.
7 Buy Bitcoin with prepaid card Prepaid cards, also known as everyday cards, work in a similar way to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.
8 Buy Bitcoin With Gift Card On normal exchanges, you use an order book to match buy and sell orders between people.
  • Bitcoin ATMs: nowadays, Bitcoin ATMs are located in most major metropolitan cities around the world. All that is required is an upscale debit or credit card. These ATMs don’t require any sort of ID or verification. Majority of them are simple “buy and go” points that help you quickly pocket some bitcoins with cash exchange instantly.The number of cryptocurrency ATMs installed worldwide has surpassed 6,609. The U.S. leads other countries with over 4,000 crypto ATMs, followed by Canada and the U.K. Several producers offer a range of machines for anyone wanting to get started in this line of business. Buy Bitcoin Near Me
  • Credit card payments: if you intend to buy bitcoin with credit card payments, there are specialised apps that help to achieve this, such as: Coinmama, (is a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency, anywhere in the world. They believe that the future of money is one where they, the people, are in control of our own economy. A future where there’s no place for middle-men, hidden fees and fine print). In all of these apps, you are given the room to choose the type of coin you intend to purchase,  your payment method and the amount of coin you want to buy. Afterwards, the btc is added to your bitcoin wallet instantly. They all have a rather easy interface to aid navigation. Although, buying Bitcoin through this means attracts some transaction charges that varies with app – buy bitcoins with credit card.
  • Buying from persons: the transactions of bitcoin with individuals is done on specialized sites or in person. And this is how to buy bitcoins with cash: through specialised sites, individual will pick the country and city, fill the other fields that include number and payments method and buying from local bitcoins. The sellers on this websites are rated by grade level depending on their amount of successful transactions, however, purchasing Bitcoin from this sites is not recommended due to high risk of fraud. On the other hand, you can meet an individual that has some bitcoin up for sale, after which the amount of bitcoin you intend to buy will be sent to your coin wallet. You and the individual will agree on payment method.
  • Buying with bank transfer: there are apps that support the instant buying of Bitcoin through bank accounts. An example is change, which is a blockchain based finance all that offer the ability to buy, trade and sell bitcoin instantly without transaction fees. While depositing funds via a bank transfer on the app is free, the speed of this transfer is subject to your capabilities.
  • Buy bitcoin with paypal:  To have the option to make your first digital currency buy by utilizing Paypal, you unmistakably need a Paypal account. You furthermore should enlist with a buying and selling stage or business administration that sells computerized monetary forms like BTC, BCH, and ETH with Paypal. There’s assortment of suppliers that grant clients to pay for their cryptos with the expense provider. In conclusion, furthermore, you will need a cryptographic money pockets that enables the advanced resource you to wish to buy.’s pockets is a great noncustodial pockets answer that lets you retailer, transport, and acquire each BTC and BCH – buy bitcoin paypal. Read here how to buy bitcoins with paypal and buy crypto with paypal.
  • Buy Bitcoin at Walmart: Walmart is an American retail corporation. It has chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores etc. it is now possible for individuals to buy BTC at Walmart but in a slightly different way. When people say you can buy BTC at Walmart they might be saying it in a different way than you think. Walmart does not actually sell BTC and it’s not like you can go there to buy them directly. Read here the guide
  • Buy Bitcoin with prepaid card: Prepaid cards are somewhat different than normal debit cards, because they’re typically not linked to bank accounts. Many banks provide overdraft facilities for traditional debit cards meaning that you can, in effect, use them as credit cards.

    Prepaid cards, also known as everyday cards, work in a similar way to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You load them with cash when you first buy them and top them up when the cash starts to run out. Unlike a credit card, a major advantage of a prepaid card is you can’t run up debts on them. They only allow you to buy goods or services with the money you actually own. This makes them a useful budgeting tool and it means you don’t have to go through a credit checking process when you apply for one.

    Another benefit of not having a credit facility is that if you fall victim to a scam, your losses are limited to the amount of money on your card. Prepaid cards that have the MasterCard or Visa logo on them can be used anywhere that accepts these card scheme networks. Read here the Guide.

  • Buy Bitcoin With Gift Card: There are two types of exchanges: the peer-to-peer and normal. On normal exchanges, you use an order book to match buy and sell orders between people. In the case of normal exchanges, neither the buyer nor the seller has any idea who they’re trading with, providing all users a level of anonymity and privacy protection. Normal exchanges are the most commonly used method of exchanging your local currency into bitcoin usually with a bank account or debit card. Read here the Guide.

Do not forget to do your own research about the best place to buy bitcoin and bitcoin buy or sell.

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

This guide (buy bitcoin anonymously) will help you buy bitcoins with no verification or ID. We suggest using the exchanges with good performance or doing research before buying from any exchange. Many exchanges are simply trying to steal your credit card information!  We do research on every exchange we list and are very careful not to include scam exchanges on our site. Before Bitcoin became famous, people used to believe that Bitcoin was anonymous. But because everything is recorded on a publically shared global ledger (the blockchain), it is actually not anonymous at all! Know that if you leave a digital trail (such as buying bitcoins with an ID), then it is only a matter of enough dedicated time and resources to de-anonymize your transactions on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Best Bitcoin Wallet

The key is the crucial part of a bitcoin wallet. Before picking a wallet to use or store your money, you should analyze the pros and cons of a platform. Go through this article as the best bitcoin wallet are highlighted to enable you to make the right decision

Bitcoin Exchange

I used my travel card (prepaid USD card) to purchase bitcoins on & it worked like a charm. When you have verified your account, go to the “Cards” section & add your cards. It may take 2-3 days for card verification, but once it’s verified, you can use it to instantly purchase bitcoins. Along with BTC, you can also buy ETH (Ethereum) using your credit/debit card.


Coinmama is another site where you can use your Credit or debit card to purchase Bitcoins instantly. Unlike other sites, CoinMama doesn’t offer Bitcoin wallet & you need to add your Bitcoin Wallet address on which you want to receive Bitcoins. I found the price of Bitcoins to be higher here in comparison to However, this is another option that you should keep when you need to buy Bitcoins immediately.


Bitit is a France based Bitcoin company that is selling popular cryptocurrencies including BTC. And they proudly claim to be the easiest place to get started with cryptocurrencies and I too believe so because they are selling cryptos in exchange of more than 10 fiat currencies. Also, one can use their service for buying bitcoin from credit/debit cards instantly as they support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Maestro powered debit/credit cards.

CoinBase: (USA customers only)

CoinBase is one of the most popular websites to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin & ETH. They also support purchasing Bitcoins using Visa debit/credit card & the process is instant. This feature is available to you only if you are from the USA. If are from any other country, you should look at other options listed here. See always comments on Coinbase reddit.

To get started buying Bitcoins using a debit card on Coinbase, here is what you need to do:

  • Register for an account on Coinbase.
  • Complete KYC.
  • Go to Payment settings page & click on Add payment method.
  • Select card & add debit/credit card.
  • Coinbase will make two small transactions.
  • Login to your card statement account & notice the small transaction amount.
  • Add it to your Coinbase account under the payment page (This would verify the card).

After this you can start purchasing Bitcoins anytime instantly using your added debit or credit card.

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Wirex is providing a complete crypto banking solution for UK residents and much more. Using Wirex you can buy Bitcoin easily. When you register on Wirex and complete you KYC you get access to a crypto linked bank account. Here you can top-up your account with a debit/credit card and use this top-up to buy BTC anytime. If you are someone looking for a complete banking solution, Wirex is the way to go as they have their physical cards to available for the UK.


Paxful, like LocalBitcoins, is an online peer to peer (P2P) over the counter (OTC) exchange where peers interface with the advertisements of other peers offering to trade for Bitcoin using online wallets like Paypal, gift cards, domestic bank transfers, and others.

Business implications

• Payments: Transfers between individuals via Bitcoin, especially internationally, are faster, simpler, and less expensive than those offered by many financial services companies. Further, processing Bitcoin transactions is far cheaper for businesses than the cost of processing card transactions. As competitors emerge within the Bitcoin ecosystem, traditional banks and payments processors may see an increased threat, forcing them to innovate to retain their traditional dominance.

• Retail and investment banking: The emergence of Bitcoin raises many questions for both retail and investment banks, including the acceptance of bitcoins as deposits, the use of bitcoins as collateral, and the pursuit of business with Bitcoin-related companies. Firms may also have to decide whether or not they should actively participate in Bitcoin trading for themselves or their clients, provided this is within the bounds of current financial regulations. A crucial question will be the optimal investment: a heavy bet will be inappropriate for many institutions, but there could also be risks to avoiding the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector entirely.

• Hedging and investment services: Bitcoin, like other assets such as gold, can create demand for peripheral products. Institutions are already starting to offer financial instruments, including insurance and derivatives, to help hedge clients’ risks. They may also create new investment offerings focused on Bitcoin, such as index funds and exchange-traded funds. Building competence and expertise will be a key part of this development. Investment in new talent and training may be required.

Institutional implications

• Tax and accounting: The adoption of Bitcoin may carry numerous tax and accounting implications, among them revenue recognition, mark-to-market valuation, the characterization of profits and losses for tax purposes, the applicability of barter transaction rules, basis tracking, and hedging considerations. Financial providers should consider necessary reporting and withholding for cross-border transactions. Further,
firms must ensure they can properly reconcile the transactions within their institutional Bitcoin e-wallets to the entries reflected in their general ledger. These implications have provoked intense debate, making it vital to remain keenly aware of future developments.

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